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As predicted, there has been a massive backlash on the changeover, and to be quite honest I agree with them.

I really did try to use, but it's an incredible bore to browse and unfortunately is open to abuse. The abuse issues can be fixed, but honestly, not without invalidating any reason to switch.

The sense of community on is nil, and that is the glue holding FS together. It just seems a whole lot more impersonal.

I'm sorry guys (admins), I know it's your call in the end, but I think will be the death of the buying/selling community of Personally, I'd much rather see some better moderation tools and a couple of posting hacks than this.

I was wondering why there was really no information whatsoever for the moderators in the run up to the launch, and I can only attribute it to absolutely no input being taken from the users (or current moderators).

No surveys, polls, discussion threads on what "you the user" want from the section, just blindly adding a plugin.

Monday 22nd of May 2006 03:04:28 PM