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I keep forgetting that I planned to maintain this, still have a "version 2" in mind, but professional contracts (that have yet to pan out properly) delay me, along with some voracious reading and watching of anime.

Got my phone nicked (or lost) the other day, really irritating. I've lost a few months worth of mobile contacts, fortunately none that I can't get back. I still had an old SIM containing most of my contacts which I transferred to one of my old phones today. Same number etc, love vodafone smile

I got an iPod nano yesterday and have become enamoured with the iTunes music management system as a result. It's a really nice all-around package, and I've already sought out a few "podcasts" that I had neglected until now.

Ah, I intended to do a write up of my recent visit to Monza to see the World Cyber Games in action; so I must do that.

My intention to turn this into a reasonably readable blog have failed miserably thusfar, hopefully working on a new system will give me renewed perserverence wink

Friday 27th of October 2006 08:56:59 PM  

#commentid: 1812006-10-30 13:28:16 
 d_fens: blog pfft and so on and so on. long time no post :P

#commentid: 1822006-10-30 17:03:02 
 [CuLT]: Good jesus Rich, it's been waaaay too long since I've seen you smile

I'm going to have to head into college some moar. As mentioned above, I've lost meh phone, so mail me your number again at my redbrick addy smile

#commentid: 1832006-11-09 19:29:47 
 Sparky: Pretty shit to hear about your phone. I don't know if you had my number, I was drunk probably when I gave it to ya :-)

Shall I mail it to ya, or use the other channels available?

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