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New eirtaku site in the works

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I'm getting myself geared up for a design project for Ireland's top LAN gaming tournament organisers by revamping eirtaku.

The plan is to give it a "web 2.0" overhaul visually, as well as functionally.

Still very much in design phase, trying to get the look as good as I can make it before turning it into an actual site.

I would *like* to write an entirely new backend, we'll see how it goes.

Saturday 11th of November 2006 02:10:12 AM  

#commentid: 1842006-11-11 17:36:49 
 d_fens: web2.0 pfft. I'd do the same only css takes too long. I need to rewrite my code again ;_; at some point i will have something i'll be happy with :P

Dont be too long about it wink