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 Entry No: 65 has finally gone fully live, the For Sale section of is being phased out, and sailing appears to be smooth thusfar.

All credit to John, he really has done a bang up job of sorting out the multitude of issues people had with, and it's a much more easy-to-use and pleasing experience than it was first off. began as a drab gray and... more gray plugin in the early stages of it's development, and it has really metamorphosed into quite a spectacular site.

As you may remember from an earlier article, I lost faith in the idea and really hammered it. I was certainly wrong on this one, and I now believe that this is a new stage in the development of which will allow it to expand and reach an even greater audience.

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 Entry No: 62

After some reflection, I made the following post on

Personally, I'm having "change issues" myself with the move; a part of me prefers the old system because I was fairly used to it, but another part likes how clean and bullsh1t-free the new system is.

I would also note that part of the reason why it seems "harder" to use (at least, I feel) is mostly because the optimal method of finding things to buy has been altered.
You'll notice the "tag cloud" as well as the advanced search system. has lost some of the "bric-a-brac parish fete" nature of FS, meaning people are more likely to buy what they're looking for rather than just hitting refresh and waiting for something interesting to pop up.

Knock up "items to show per page" to 24 and you can refresh away as much as you like, so not all lost on that front.

The "sense of community" thing is a different matter. I'm pretty ambivalent about this because FS was a bazaar (as I mention at the start of the charter), but this is a bit more organised and impersonal, though I feel some cosmetic changes could fix this (more emphsis on the user who is selling it, avatar, their title, postcount, join date, etc immediately visible). It's already pretty close with the comments, but I think avatars are necessary.

I think many people aren't giving it a fair chance; but I also think it was a pretty bad idea to just sort of spring this on people saying "btw, you're using this now!". Fortunately there's been a bit of backpedaling done, and the FS section is still up and running.
Unfortunately, it would seem the damage is already done, and I had predicted this sort of backlash from people; but hey, I'm just a mod, I don't run the site. I don't call any shots.

From a moderation perspective, it's rather nifty, though it could do with a few more tools.
Plus I'm not really looking forward to rewriting the charter, I'll be waiting until next week sometime before I tackle that (exams will be over then).

I would advise anyone who think that is going to start charging for this service to relax. It's not going to happen for the simple reason that people will go elsewhere. The Internet is useful like that.

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 Entry No: 61

As predicted, there has been a massive backlash on the changeover, and to be quite honest I agree with them.

I really did try to use, but it's an incredible bore to browse and unfortunately is open to abuse. The abuse issues can be fixed, but honestly, not without invalidating any reason to switch.

The sense of community on is nil, and that is the glue holding FS together. It just seems a whole lot more impersonal.

I'm sorry guys (admins), I know it's your call in the end, but I think will be the death of the buying/selling community of Personally, I'd much rather see some better moderation tools and a couple of posting hacks than this.

I was wondering why there was really no information whatsoever for the moderators in the run up to the launch, and I can only attribute it to absolutely no input being taken from the users (or current moderators).

No surveys, polls, discussion threads on what "you the user" want from the section, just blindly adding a plugin.

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Unbelievable 3D Audio

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 Entry No: 50

This sort of technology has been around since the eighties apparently, but because of certain technical restrictions it has never made it big in commercial application.

It's called "Holophonic" sound. Using phase shifted audio in a similar principle to that behind holographic imagery, full, three dimensional audio is recreated.

It is on a different level entirely to 5.1 or surround sound systems. Unfortunately, as mentioned, technical restrictions prevent it from being as big a hit as one might think. The best effect can only be obtained via headphones, the effect is lost on speaker systems unless they are positioned relative to the listener to give the effect of headphones.

Quick searches reveal a surprising lack of available holophonic audio, but then it's not particularily easy to come across tests for normal 5.1 either.

Here, check it out for yourself.
Ensure that you have a pair of headphones, you won't need a fantastic soundcard to do this either.

This particular example of holophonic audio comes from

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