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Seeing as sloganizer is so popular, I thought, wouldn't it be cool to have something that's actually funny do the same thing? :V

This was inspired by rb_ie's request for a signature that produced a random phrase within the image.

So I made a little script for users to throw out a random non-explicit insult from a list compiled from a thread on the matter in After Hours.

Here it is:



#commentid: 1382005-12-08 09:17:59 
 d_fens: i made one of em before. it was a ip one though and had a slogan of my own too. in invisiion ig you wanna use it you can go /image.php?=.gif to get it to work bypassing the security feature or getting fancier, output it to a file or even better, use htaccess to rewrite the php file to a image file. its crazeeee