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1. [23:00] [Lex_Diamonds] lmao, i get a child discount for Cos at the hotel im booking, i feel like such a fucking paedo now

2. [19:51] [k0ge] I can't make them understand that you won't attack me, and that Ireland isn't full of terrorists, etc.

3. (@k0ge) It was just really really tiny. (@k0ge) holding it was awesome.

4. (@CuLT) ebon is very small

5. [18:58] * ebon has 120gigs of new stuff which she can't watch/use/read/masurbate-to because her pc is b0rked :'(

6. [22:21] [ebon] i want to have sex with rokul and k0ge. at the same time.

7. [17:46] [kairo__] mp3s are communism in compressed form

8. [19:40] [Jam-] I saw you all have a cold shower.

9. 00:12 [+Plasticman] i blame short people who won't admit it

10. [L] Man, ebon is really short

11. [16:10] [@CuLT] I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if jtang set up a ""

12. [@Churchill] From now on, ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.

13. [@Groucho] Either this man is dead or my watch has stopped.

14. [@Groucho] I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it.

15. [ken-shin] My building is made of jelly!

16. 0110.50| * [izzy] makes kairo give him a tit-fuck.

17. * [zi|aweh] puts on strawberry lipgloss to enhance the effect. || [k0ge] best. sextoy. ever.

18. [nosmo] How come everyone knows I'm gay here o_0

19. [CuLT] i'd buy hacker crackers. [CuLT] "w3'v3 s34l3d th3se3 b1tch3s m3ga t1t3 f0r 3ncryp73d fr3shn3ZZ!"

20. 01:25 [@CuLT] ebon, stop pretending to be anal. 01:25 [+Plasticman] but she likes anal 01:26 [+ebon] ENOUGH OF THAT 01:26 [+ebon] OH YOU ARE GETTING A BEATING BOY 01:26 [@Dredz] hehe, she likes that too 01:26 [+Plasticman] ZING

21. 01:27 [@Dredz] to the sex mobile!

22. [21:36:27] (KaMeKaZi): Beer is the greatest invention. Sure the wheel was ok, but does a wheel go well with pizza? [21:38:39] (Plastic|offline): the pizza is wheel shaped o_0

23. [+sionnach] she drags me outside and into this closet she knows about [+ebon] ASND THEN YOU WERE FOUND WITH YOUR HEAD UP HER SKIRT

24. [@Dredz] I only ever saw one guy step out of line; Domo-Kun. CuLT never touched him, he just looked at him with that tendon snapping glare. Later, Domo fell out the window of a hotel penthouse. An accident of course.

25. 0009.06| [Domo-Kun] Cablette! The Best a Man Can Get!

26. (+Liquorice) I just liked the throat-opening sensation

27. [00:02:08] (thirdchildren): i think i'll go masturbate in the hall just for a change

28. [23:00:42] (getch): beardy chicks > regular chicks tbh

29. [Dredz] *BEEP* BEEEEEEP* !!! CHILDREN!!!!

30. [Cult]Who's Jane Austen?|[Plasticman] Worst. Novellist. Ever.|[CuLT]So she's not Steve Austen's wife?

31. [+k0ge|FWAR] ah, it's alright, I was in brownies for a year or two [@Chowmein] kelly was a brownie [@Chowmein] tastey ;) [+k0ge|FWAR] YOU'RE SICK [+k0ge|FWAR] I WAS LIKE FIVE [@Chowmein] mmmmm unripe brownies

32. (23:54:16) (+Gannondorf) how do you clear the lists of stuff that has been searched for in google etc??? | (+Gannondorf) no more dickgirl in google \o/

33. [14:13] * Quits: L ( (got some catch up to do, see you at dinner.)

34. [@Pazu|aweh] Gannondorf: Penis or boobs? [+Gannondorf] I'd have to say penis

35. [15:27:35] (Zanzie): std? I think I heard that word in programing.. o.0 [15:27:55] (tsob): god i hope your a virgin

36. [20:01:50] (Belisarius): I love that IRC ticker on the eirtaku site , I was just staring at it today during my lab session [20:02:08] (Belisarius): Its cool , like looking at nerds through a glass bottomed boat or something

37. [@cult]: Ebon went super saiyan and broke the bed.

38. [@cult] but it was the excess weight of one boobed man and one green haired child who provided the extra destructive force

39. [+Teddz^] omg freshly baked moms muff

40. [+nosmo] Maybe even.. "Teen tightens"

41. [k0ge] I'm coming too. _ in spirit


43. [kairo] i'd rather keep on imaging he uses /both/ hands for typing

44. [Plasticman] the internet's full of degenerates these days

45. [+Teddz] I didn't do the noob

46. 11:58 [@CuLT] who do you sell drugs to? 11:58 [@Dredz] your sister 11:58 [+Plasticman] zing :D

47. *+k0ge|away throws Plasticman into some boiling water | (+k0ge|away) WHO'S UP FOR SOME PLASTA?

48. (@CuLT) oh do I have a hymen?

49. [+nosmo] [ebon] he's been with more chicks than most guys here [- Just like Russian roulette, less chances of an empty chamber

50. (@CuLT) Stop the Internet I want to get off. (+nosmo) most people get off while still on it tbh

51. [ebon] i have to give this kid a sex ed class

52. [23:26:21] (Plasticman): I KNOW WHAT MONTH IT IS [23:26:31] (Plasticman): I DON'T GO TO DCU

53. [23:34] [+Plasticman] mmm, hot beef injection

54. 02:12 [+Jim6] that doesn't mean I'm into sodomy! 02:13 [+Jim6] ... oops; wrong channel!


56. [22:31:22] (ebon): ladyboys are sexy so

57. [+Cable_]: [ 18:31:46 ] [+thirdchildren] feckin young 'uns || should be made a national past time

58. [+rokul] whee, banging machinery makes it work

59. [19:56:00] * CuLT bursts out of the closet

60. 00:58 [+thirdchildren] i like to beat my wife during sex and also not during sex << WATCH OUT SARAH!

61. [+k0ge] that's a large penis. [+k0ge] right there.

62. [Jam-_-] I was walking around stephen's green and I saw these two lesbians making out. And was like, 'Cool. Lesbians.', but then I looked closer and notcied the one with her back to me had unusally wide shoulders for a lesbian. Then I saddened. :(

63. [+Plasticman] i had some last night!

64. * ebon|aweh has fondled hugh many a time

65. [+Belisarius] I have a deep emotional attatchment to wood

66. 01:17 [+Plasticman] rapist 01:17 [+neoB] I've never raped anyone and been caught.. so how could i be one deary? ;)

67. [21:54:16] (Pazuzu): I can't understand why people seem to think I have an obsession with Naruto.

68. * k0ge moons in the distance

69. * thirdchildren slips nosmo the tongue

70. [22:10:27] (soc): [--- man [22:11:27] (Zeouterlimits): shes okay [22:11:49] (Dredz): that's a dude, dude [22:11:59] (Zeouterlimits): ... [22:12:08] (Zeouterlimits): oh dear god!

71. [23:00:02] (sionn|bnc): she gave me some hot stuff earlier

72. [19:07:22] (ebon): and you think its funny i organise my porn....

73. [20:43:30] (ebon): i used to read sugar

74. CuLT: I have run out of semen before. SERIOUSLY. But come tastes delicious.

75. [12:11:10] (CuLT): Well, I wouldn't stick them in more than once..

76. [@Dredz] so you wanna be a pokemon master ň_Ó

77. (+thirdchildren) i'll send you pics of my ass and my balls later Jam-_- ;)

78. [22:15:53] (thirdchildren): yeah, if you could die in gt4 it would rock, your career would end and you wouldnt be able to boot the game up ever again

79. [+Kold^] i dunno what larping is but i guess naked larping could be fun

80. (+sionn|matlab) your willy is small when you're Kold^

81. [+ebon] tomorrow, i shall speak from tralee [+sionn|tv] as if third wont be keeping her mouth occupied

82. [02:32] [tsob] or, I could just rub myself all over your protruding lump

83. 06:04:09 [+kairo] why must i allways be around when masturbation is mentioned :/

84. [[izzy]] teh yaoi! sex!

85. [+[izzy]] "yes ma'am, i'll bed her with respect". [+[izzy]] "...RESPECT FO' MAH PENIS!"

86. 18:20 [+Belisarius] Well It has a certain phallic charm, but I just think god got sloppy with my nads

87. 18:18 [+thirdchildren] the penis isnt the most aesthetically appealing organ like [+neoB] it looks pretty

88. [@CuLT] "Gentlemen, lend me your chloroform!" - Shakespeare.

89. [+thirdchildren] just got a message from sarah, she tells me to say to ye that the toilets in Galway bus station have the brand "DOMO" on them :P [+^Richard] (cue 'pissing on domo' jokes)

90. [+thirdchildren] i'm having no underage sex Dredz [+thirdchildren] sarah is though :P

91. [Faero] its hard realising you are gay :(

92. [00:12:55] (CuLT): 24 - Season 3 - Episode 13: "So Very Tired" [00:13:33] (CuLT): My name is jack bauer, and this is the worst day of my life... again.

93. [@CuLT] AND we have some of feena's underwear.

94. thirdchildren: but tea isn't sex!

95. [+Kitty-potpourri] I dunno, I'd get more enjoyment out of the cok

96. [16:02:59] * ebon knew she was coming the minute she pressed enter

97. [19:55:05] : +kairo|brb purrs at ganon

98. [+UnreaLeprechaun] THIRD WAWS EBONE AL ALEONG!"!!1!11!oneoen1!1

99. [14:28:40] * Ganondorf makes cricket noises

100. [@Dredz] Plasticman, ireland isn't vertical either [+Plasticman] Dredz: like yore ma

101. [@Dredz] I think I can forego sex with third sarah|| [@Pazuzu] And I think I can forego sex with Sarah.

102. [20:18:34] (Plasticman): JAILBAIT GIVES YOU AIDS

103. [+tsob|] I have no brothers so [+sionnach] thank god tsob [+sionnach] thank god

104. [23:56] [tsob|] hire him a hooker, then just when she's undressing, staple him to the wall, and do her yourself

105. [@Jam] ebon bit me, twice, and now I have hair growing in strange places. :(

106. [+Kold^] pikachu ] ganon || [+Kold^] ssbm

107. * [izzy] cries * thirdchildren consoles * thirdchildren slips him the tongue

108. [23:59:35] (cult): MY HAIR IS MADE OF CURRY

109. [15:42:30] (Belisarius): I soiled myself in terror tbh [15:43:14] (k0ge): I do that occasionally.

110. * ebon| <3s teh children

111. 13:36 < Plastique> well I'm up for it any time

112. [16:50:51] * Pazuzu strokes his dumb blonde laptop [16:51:21] (Pazuzu): Lovely design, great figure...but no memory or processing power to speak of.

113. [19:31:36] (Cable_): Karol Józef Wojtyla, Your ideal job is a Church Minister

114. <+Plasticman> Dredz, Your ideal job is a Garden Gnome.

115. [20:34:34] (Kitty-kitty): I was talking about the lack of penises for 4chan

116. [20:54:30] (Zanza): zanza, Your ideal job is a Stripper [20:56] <+Zanza> at least I got a stripper :D

117. 22:13 <+thirdchildren> my ass is yours petal

118. <cos> i didnt know penises come in centimeters

119. (@ebon|) CONSTRUCTIVE CONVERSATION | * +thirdchildren builds sentences

120. (ebon|): FAERO FINGERED ME <thirdchildren> and me :(

121. [19:14:49] (Domo-Kun): i honestly think i kill more conversations than anyone else

122. <pipples> imagine her being mother to your child <pipples> u'd have to kill her after the kid was born

123. <[zi|work]> my virginity grew back!

124. <Kold^> hibiki chan <3 || <[izzy]> kold, you're not talkin' about I My Me, are you? || <Kold^> yeh lol

125. 18:45 < Plasticman> caspar would be the woman part of you 18:46 <+thirdchildren> right 18:46 <+thirdchildren> i call that "Diane"

126. <+Belisarius> Ohh some secret Lex and kam only channel <@Chowmein> sexcorp?0

127. infact i believe irc was invented for something to do between masturbation sessions

128. [00:22] <Belisarius> indeed many an internet nerd would die of overexertion if he didnt have to pause to type "press alt and f4 lol" to some newbs question

129. <+[izzy]> now, smooth sailing on a baby's bottom across some baby bottom ocean

130. [01:07:36] * [izzy] sucks hime's cock.

131. Homer Simpson: "Come on Marge, we're a team. It's uter-us, not uter-you."

132. <saadoVSWOW> letting izzy near anything with an orifice is probable a bad idea

133. (01:55:32) (Cable_) with chloroform everyone is on my league

134. <+Jam-_-> Yes, my Thomas the Tank Engine collided with Percy.

135. <^Richard> fu, the titanic is in my back yard

136. (+Chuffy) the titanic was switched with its sister ship the olympic for insurance fraud (+Plasticman) you can swap sisters like that?? +Plasticman swaps his sister with cablette

137. <thirdchildren> I had sex to army of darkness once :/

138. (+thirdchildren) zomg, my lag is PI to 3 decimals \o/

139. [19:55:00] (k0ge): of course, then he had no feeling in his nipples. [19:55:06] (k0ge): which was hilarious

140. (+Capn-tsob) also, typing 1 hnadede fucking blows

141. [21:25:21] * Domo|Kun wipes the sql purge off his penis [21:28:00] * Thaed wonder why she read that as splurge

142. * Liquorice brandishes a liquorice whip

143. <+Jim6> Actually, what does sionnach *do*? <+thirdchildren> hey plays the role of a promiscuous docter in a tv drama

144. <Jam-_-> Remove your head. That will solve any problems you have.


146. (tsob) god yer wow names are kinda gay| (tsob) especially lunamaria| (tsob) lunamaria is in fact so gay, its quite possible that its come out the otherside of gayness into some strange new sexual land

147. <neoB> I wish i had a camcorder.. some kid was playing by himself..

148. <Lex_Diamonds> I like to smear my face in fresh poo daily

149. <cos> I yearn for a donkey's tocuh

150. <Lex_Diamonds> I yearn for a man's sausage in my a$$

151. <cos> herpes is not fun let me tell ya

152. <Lex_Diamonds> I am the biggest homo in this channel, but don't tell cos

153. <+Lex_Diamonds> I live for yiff.

154. <Plasticman> being a pirate sucks. always with the yarr and shit. i hate it

155. <Ganondorf> piss off shit

156. <+Lex_Diamonds> i watched my mother sleep

157. 20:52 <+Plasticman> Plasticman: that's an idea 20:52 <@Dredz> you're shit at tab, Ronan.

158. <+Plasticman> interview for job. "what do you study?" "oh, i study the workings of multivibrators"



161. (+|wolfie|) *prays for his sanity* (+cos`) if you are in this channel (+cos`) you have no sanity ?? quit: (|wolfie|) ( (Read error: EOF from client)

162. <Jam-_-> I'm so old, I AM THE HILLS.

163. [22:03] k0ge: * sionnach mounts kelly and brandishes sword // the amount of sexual innunendo in that sentence..

164. <Cable_> bikini in the bedroom has about as much point as tsob and a female in the bedroom

165. 17:53] * Swissy|Oc is back after 8s: wank

166. [01:38] <Teddz> Anyone listen to Mindless self-indulgence? || [01:39] <Plasticman> you mean cable talking?

167. <@CuLT> And we told you so many times about raping minors <+Capn-tsob> <<< not thirdchildren >:(

168. <+Phantasm_> some people belive that the crop circles in britain have to do with stonehinge and such <+Belisarius> Some people like to be wee'd on

169. (Lex_Diamonds) I shit the bed

170. <+ebon> Contrary to popular belief, the brassierre was not invented for feminine breast support, but to function as a jockstrap for Vin Diesel's gargantuan testicles.

171. [01:56:59] (Cable_): i justed posted pics of me coming out of the closet

172. <@Plasticman> STOP THE PAEDOPHILES * thirdchildren stops < thirdchildren> what?

173. <rkm> We're in my bedroom. There's soft music playing on the stereo and candles on my dresser and night table. I'm looking up into your eyes, smiling. My hand works its way down to your crotch and begins to fondle your huge, swelling bulge.

174. <+Plasticman> trying to hold onto it against the wind | <+Plasticman> you never realise how big they are until they're in your hands

175. <Jam-_-> Cut out her womb and savior it's uterine flesh?

176. <+Cable_> someone had gone to the bother of askin for the key <+Cable_> and tok a shit on the floor NEXT to the toilet <+thirdchildren> that was me ??

177. <+Cable_> are you picturing old sagging women tits <+Cable_> cause if your not <+Cable_> you are now

178. < neoB> lol my virginity grew back :D

179. <+cos`> DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCK ?? <+Cable_> well thats true <+Cable_> but then again <+Cable_> so do I

180. <+Cable_> CIARAN <+Cable_> i'll suck your dick too

181. <+Cable_> ya well kario is getchs bro <+Cable_> and we loved together

182. <+thirdchildren> i'll probably end up larping at some point in my life

183. <Plasticman> i was just being happy for it going down... <thirdchildren> it's been so long for ronan that he's happy when anything goes down at this point

184. < Piste> *deep breath* mysistercaughtmepleasuringmyselfwithanelectrictoothbrushandnowi'mafraidtolookherintheeye

185. <+Belisarius> Great thing about farscape , you can colour code the girls and dehumanise/objectify them ever easier!

186. <+KaMeKaZi> well kenshin should take over the chan again.. and make us all ops again.. then me and you can take over this joint

187. <+neoB> shut up, I didn't say I would do anything. Nothing wrong in STARING <+neoB> and a bit of following and taking pictures <+neoB> and and and getting into bed after they have been drugged and just laying next to them

188. <+thirdchildren> hmm, me and that manager should totally have birthday secks :D <+Plasticman> take pictures <+Belisarius> fuck pictures , take bel

189. [ 03:55:53 ] * +Ganon|wow isn't in the mood || [ 03:56:00 ] * +thirdchildren gets vince in the mood || [ 03:56:26 ] * +Ganon|wow shoos thirdchildren off

190. 22:36 <+nadir> how was the head anyway afterwards Hekate 22:36 <+nadir> pretty hardcore night

191. [14:39] <Teddz> Teddz + countless numbers of schoolgirls | [14:39] <Plastic|offline> i read that as Teddz = countless numbers of schoolgirls o_0

192. <UrbanDictionary> Furries dress up in animal costumes and viciously rape one another from behind, which supposedly brings them more in tune with the animal kingdom. This disturbing sexual fetish can, and normally does, subsequently turn them into paedophiles at later stages in life.

193. <Belicopter> Yeah ,where are all theese doormat women ? Ive rarely met a girl who hasnt been a gobby cow who can and will beat me up at the slightest provocation

194. <@Belicopter> plus I dont think im racist, unless piggybacking on the two chineese dudes in my class for the whole year counts <@Pazuzu> I'd piggyback on them too, but not for the same reason.

195. jtang: what i need to do is capture loads of cooking shows now ;)

196. <+Belisarius> I hear alot of talk about sisters but NONE of it describes them in comprimising situations

197. <+Belisarius> woke up in a pool of my own vomit!

198. <+Art_Wolf> a crapy out of date and bloated be-yatch >_< <@Pazu-cough> Art_Wolf: Talking about irssi, not yore ma

199. <@cult> I lift weights with my PENIS <+k0ge> mm, penis.

200. <@CuLT> Dredz|pants: aye, 30 minutes of flowing juices

201. <@CuLT> also, kissing your own cock doesn't count. We're not fucking fairies here.

202. <@CuLT> ah, back when izzy was here, and kairo wasn't a sexually confused WoW player

203. [17:46:15] (Pazuzu): I wish I was a ninja pirate. [17:46:23] (Pazuzu): "Doumo ARR-igatou"*Lex_Diamonds buys astroglide *cos` falls over <+MarkMI6> shit dude she slipped on the astroglide

204. * Dredz platonically rapes thirdchildren

205. 16:38 <@Pazuzu> Sex. 16:38 <+Belicopter> Ok 16:38 <+Belicopter> Dredz

206. <+k0ge|kkm> I had sex with a potato, and then we had little BABY spuds.

207. <+Plasticman> "bite the pillow, i'm going in dry!"

208. (+Piste|empurpled) And on a completely unrelated note: My mum has Dominatrix boots (as she calls them) (@Plasticman) this explains so much

209. <@MarkMI6> dude, Dredz you so can't fit your head up tom's ass <@Dredz> he can fit his own head up there pretty good MarkMI6

210. [22:47] <Liquorice> you people bring out the worst in me

211. <+MarkMI6> *lick* <+thirdchildren> you'd run out of saliva before you even finished with her chest

212. <+Teddz> I need to masturbate <+thirdchildren> BABY DON'T HURT ME

213. <+B|bUsY> OMG :( mark did you meet that irishfairy girlie yet??? <+B|bUsY> she responded way to late to me asking her out :( i could have met up with her.. <+neoB> I wanted to lick her in the ear :(

214. (18:06:43) brit: i've been there! (18:06:57) brit: ross's sis

215. <@Dredz> bitcomet is a pile of ghey <@Pazuzu> I think you'll find that I am also.

216. <Jam-> If I were a girl, I'd be the sluttiest lesbian ever.

217. <+k0ge> Yes Jam. Since I was a lesbian.

218. <[DrPepper]> i want to remain attracted to humans

219. <+Teddz|Lap> Ah format C:\... <+Teddz|Lap> How I both loathe and love you. <+Teddz|Lap> You are like porn. <+Teddz|Lap> Sometimes it makes me sick, but sometimes, you arouse me in a way that no person can do.

220. <+Cable_> thats why i have a girlfriend <@Pazuzu> He's lying. <@Pazuzu> His girlfriend's name ends in .jpg <+Cable_> fuck you <+Cable_> i upgraded to .gif a month ago

221. 13:10 < Winters> lennox: the new thong is only a 1gb download

222. <@Belisarius> The Centurion/Legionary thing is a bit much though, Like those dudes couldnt talk to each other without a disciplinary beating usually || <@Belisarius> It was like gladiator meets lethal weapon || <@Belisarius> "He's a straight laced Centurion , He's a ragtag legionary who plays by his own rules ,together they are CASCA AND MARBELLUS"

223. 22:31 <@CuLT> I don't know how I'd go about making internal ones but I feel it would be sticky.

224. 10Thaedydal: 01<Hot_chick112> i feel all bubbly inside| well you get that if you have been inserting disprin in places you should not

225. 10|wolfie|: 01you knw the one where yur arse is left pertrudeing from a table...

226. 22:01 <+Faero> my debs date was YORE MA. 22:02 <+thirdchildren> we broke up that night

227. 22:19:10 < kenn> WATCH OUT NOSMO SHE'S GOT A PUN

228. 19:46 * Pazuzu slaps TarAldarion's da 19:46 < neoB> MY NOSE

229. <Cable_> i already had a table of 3 girls in work ask if they could replace their misishippi mudpie with my instead || <[tsob]> They have a scat fetish?

230. <Cable_> [05:03] <k0ge> I beat Jam with a newspaper *grins* || i just beat jam off

231. [19:28] <k0ge> Eirtaku: Always in various states of undress...whether we admit it or not.

232. Bring back Tomoe ;_;

233. <ebon|> i have a big white one paz :P

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