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If I were a patient man.

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...then this would be a blog site.

I really haven't been paying enough attention to this site of late, busy worrying about a hundred deadlines, exams, work and most surprisingly, life.

Anyone remember me announcing that I had purchased a domain some time ago? No? Didn't think so. It was about nine months ago, I decided that I needed something that wasn't just a subdomain of another site (as much as I love redbrick), so I bought

I really couldn't think of anything to do with it, after all, I have pretty much everything I need on redbrick, though it became rapidly apparent that space was going to be a concern smile
To cut a long story short, I turned the domain into a image hosting service. You can never have enough image hosts, and imageshack have had a bit of a tiffle with SomethingAwful, so I can no longer use it to host screenshots of hilarious anime hijinks!

After exam madness takes a break for a couple of months next week, I can get back to the important stuff, like updating this site smile
So, I guess weekly updates will start from then. Plenty of stuff I do these days so I shouldn't be short of writing material. Let's see where it takes us anyhoo.

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Rocketman - William Shatner, Stewie Griffin

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I don't have a category for "lolz", so I'll just use General.

If is useful for anything, it's for half-remembered clips of videos you saw ages ago but can't remember where.

You might have seen Stewie in an episode of Family Guy singing "Rocketman", from three different perspectives, sitting on a stool.

You also may have been wondering what the hell that was all about. Well, to refresh you memory, if you don't remember that particular clip, here's a link to it on youtube.

This particular clip is based on a somewhat infamous performance by William Shatner at the Television Science Fiction awards many moons ago. The clip is hilarious mostly because of how seriously Shatner takes his performance in it. Shatner has, in subsequent years, mellowed, and realized that people find him funny, and now plays to that; but this is from the time when he took himself rather seriously as an actor.

here is that video.

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My redbrick account got hacked and everything was deleted. Which I thought rather mean. They also managed to hack some other stuff, but weren't nearly as mean as they could have been about that, so it could have been a lot worse.

All back now anyhoo thanks to the awesome and mystifying powers of phaxx and atlas smile

Cheers guys.

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Stabilizer - A Project Called Red

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Some of the boys over at SomethingAwful have banded together and released an album!

They want this album to be distributed freely across the net in an attempt to entirely bypass the regular (and expensive) channels within the music industry.

What's more is that it's good music, in their own words:
Quote from Stabilizer:
Our sound is pretty diverse and ranges from new age style piano solos(struck) to hard-rock influenced electronica(Movie Star) to Black metal techno(run between the raindrops) to Massive Attack-influenced downtempo(Grey to Green) to ambient.

Check it out, Stabilizer - A Project Called Red.

[Update, 21st February] Information:

Info thread on SomethingAwful.

Non-Existant Recordings.

Second Album: A Fuse Burning Slowly (in production)

Audition thread on SomethingAwful.

Current audition tracks (semi complete, no vocals) can be found here.

Want to promote Stabilizer on your site? Here's a 468x60 banner!

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Last Played Song

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Not entirely sure what other applications for this that there are; I hacked together a function to grab the most recently played song from and display it on the site (in this case at the top of the page).

I made a publically usable version that works by simply adding your username after , for example,
As I mentioned, I can't think of another use for this yet (without basically redoing RecentlyPlayedImageV2.

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