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Simple PHP Gallery

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It appears that Simple PHP Gallery has been abandoned (for now) by the author, Paul Griffin.

As this is the most useful PHP gallery software I've come across (all the more well known ones seem to have frivolous features and/or obscure navigation), I'm happy to devote a section to it here.

I've also taken the liberty of making some minor changes and bugfixes to the software.

Quote from Original SPG Site:
Simple PHP Gallery is a gallery management system designed to tackle small- to medium-size galleries with a minimum of hassle. While SPG sacrifices a few of the bells and whistles of other gallery systems in favor of simplicity, ease-of-use, and speed, it boasts a large feature set.

Download Simple PHP Gallery Here (TGZ) or here (ZIP).

Tuesday 17th of January 2006 12:19:58 AM  

#commentid: 1552006-01-17 00:31:12 
 d_fens: haha that quote thing wasnt working for about 2 minutes ;) YEAH I SAW! also it seems that might be a endorsed modded version. I'm not sure atm but it seems that its the same style and all

#commentid: 1572006-01-17 00:39:34 
 [CuLT]: Aye, it looks alright, I'll have to have a look at it smile

#commentid: 1582006-01-17 00:39:47 
 d_fens: yeah so i read. though i'm sure it cant take that long to fix.

#commentid: 1602006-01-17 21:24:45 
 Steve: Testing smile

Cheers for that, will upload it soon

#commentid: 1652006-01-30 16:26:08 
 d_fens: I got the orginal untouched version and the wordpress version too :D always good to keep a backup :P what security things are up with it? Is there a list?