Welcome to my online portfolio and work log. You can view a selection of my work in the fields of graphic, web and product design by choosing from the categories linked above.

Virgin Trains Interactive Ad (Yahoo UK)

Flash creative containing interactive elements. The user must drag the zombies into the train to proceed.


Concept for a reusable package design solution. Developed from initial sketches with final concept art created in Illustrator and Cinema 4D. Published on creativediary.net in September 2011. More details and images can be viewed in the PDF here.

CPR (Flash + Custom Physical Interface)

A application built in flash in order to train people in the correct technique of administering CPR. The flash program is designed for use in conjunction with a custom built training dummy. This is connected to the PC and used as the interface for the program, accurately simulating the act of performing CPR.

Stuck in Dublin (Tumblr Blog Theme)

Blog featuring my own photography. Built in tumblr with a custom theme, created in CSS and with my own images created in photoshop.

Citroen Overlay Ad (Yahoo Germany)

Through a combination of separate flash elements the impression is given of the car swinging out of the inline ad and towards the user. Click on the image to view a live demo.

Sky Frontpage Video (Yahoo Germany)

Through a combination of Flash and Javascript, the video is played in the background of the page. On user initiation the entire video is unveiled. Click on the image to view a live demo.

O2 Frontpage Takeover (Yahoo Germany)

A takeover advertisement created for O2 on the German Yahoo frontpage. Utilising a combination of Flash and Javascript the page is 'shattered' and collapses in a randomised manner upon user interaction. Click on the image to view a live demo.

Skype Portal Demo

Mock up for Skype branded intranet site.

Meteor Portal Demo

Mock up for Meteor branded intranet site.

Jolt Gaming

Mock up for re-design of Jolt Gaming's homepage.