GamesSoc Merger

Hey interested people.

If you found your way here, you’re probably interested in joining our fine society. Excellent! Although I am afraid I must inform you that as of July 2008 STOCS as a society has merged with DCU’s other gaming society, DCU Games Soc.

But fear not.

DCU Games Soc will continue to run our weekly Monday and Wednesday meetups for the playing of board games, role playing games and wargames just as STOCS has done in the past. Only the name has changed.

So we look forward to seeing you, come along and join in the games, Monday evenings and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 in the Seminar Room of The Hub. Just beside the Students Union Reception.

If you would like to learn more about DCU Games Soc’s other events, please visit us at

New Games

Hey everybody,
We have just acquired some new games, a big thanks to Tom for donating them. The new games are:

Princes of the Renaissance
Euphrates and Tigris - Contest of Kings (the card version of tig and euph)

Roleplaying books:
Exalted - Lunars
Exalted - Dragonbloods
Exalted Dawn Caste Book
SLA - Karma
Fading Suns

On a smaller note we the spc got a load of new tables for the seminar room (6 i think) so we now have surfaces to play on! We should also be getting more games in a week or two since the grant apps have finally been processed and approved

New Sillicon Committee Selected

Attendance was quite poor but we elected a new committee and decided on some key issues.
- We have decided to keep sillicon on the same weekend despite the possibly unavailability of the venue on the sat.
- We have decided to go ahead with the intervarsity. We will put together a pack and send it off to other colleges by next weekend at the latest, this will also mean we have advertising ready for dominicon. We will also be bringing gamessoc into the fold to run console/lab gaming.
- New Committee:
Con Dir: Liam ó Táilliúir
Treas: Ed Collins
PRO: John Doyle
Sec: Bryan Carter
RPG: Graham Kavanagh
CCG: Dennis McCarthy
War: Liam Davenport(aka skippy)
Staff: Sean Hand
Rob was also appointed temporary gamessoc liason until they can nominate their own officer.

Sillicon Meeting

There will be a meeting in the seminar room at 6pm on Wed the 8th of November to talk about this years Sillicon and elect a committee. Sillicon is STOCS annual gaming convention and is going into it’s 9th year. Several new ideas have been suggested to revitalise lagging numbers forerunner in the group at the moment is ressurresting the gaming intervarsities and bringing Gamessoc in to run a few events. Come along and have your say!

New Games

STOCS has gotten the first of this years new games. They are FRAG, Railroad Tycoon, Polarity and the Paranoia card game. We should be getting more in the coming weeks when the grant app finally come through.

Join up on Clubs & Socs Day!

Stocs, the oldest society on campus, continues it’s fine tradition of gaming for another year and you can be a part of this by finding our stand on Clubs and Socs Day - next Tuesday and Wednesday! It costs only 4 euro to be able to attend twice weekly gaming sessions that run all year round!

Stocs maintain’s its gaming lockers filled to bursting with boardgames to card games to miniture games. If we don’t have what you interested in bring along the game yourself and people will be more then happy to join in a game!

Roleplay Campaign’s plea to be postponed!

Well with Clubs and Socs day coming up and the newbies about to arrive we plead with member GMs to postpone their roleplaying campaigns for a week or two to allow other games to run ;)

To give new members a good chance to have some fun we will hopefully have some basic games - stuff like Risk 2210, maybe a dungeon crawl etc.

Any ideas, post to the forums!