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Engineers week takes place this year between the 14th and 20th of February .  There are a host of events around the country for all age groups. Last year I ran a number of events for engineers week. I found it very worth while and enjoyable. This year I am giving a soldering workshop and an Arduino programming tutorial.

In the Soldering Workshop I will be showing people how to solder through-hole components and finishing off the class with the students building an astable multivibrator aka flashing lights.

For the Arduino 101 – Learn to Blink night, I will be showing people how to get started writing arduino programmes. All the basics will be covered.

For more information on these events check out or for a full listing of the Engineers Week events check out .

It has been a busy few weeks for me. In December I was mad busy with assignments for college and to make matters worse and I got a bit of H1N1 sickness. Being sick for Christmas is not fun at all. Then came my college exams in January. Not wanting to repeat any, I have been staying away from my usually time consumers  user groups, TOG and this blog. But now they are all done and I hope to get back to doing all of those other things. I had a look over my calendar for the next few weeks and it never stops.  I have listed what I hope to go to over the next few weeks below.

24th Jan GTUG

26th Jan Ubuntu Hour

29th Jan TOG AGM

3rd Feb BTW

10th Feb Ignite Dublin #6

Let me know what are you up to over the next weeks?