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Engineers week takes place this year between the 14th and 20th of February .  There are a host of events around the country for all age groups. Last year I ran a number of events for engineers week. I found it very worth while and enjoyable. This year I am giving a soldering workshop and an Arduino programming tutorial.

In the Soldering Workshop I will be showing people how to solder through-hole components and finishing off the class with the students building an astable multivibrator aka flashing lights.

For the Arduino 101 – Learn to Blink night, I will be showing people how to get started writing arduino programmes. All the basics will be covered.

For more information on these events check out or for a full listing of the Engineers Week events check out .

Our Table. I blured out the other person as I never asked him if I could put this photo up

As I mention last week, I planned to along to an event being organized by Enterprise Ireland and the Enterprise Europe Network Ireland called the Business Value of Open Source Software. The event was held last Tuesday in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Santry. This was very handy for me, as I was in DCU all morning finishing a project.


I was amazed at the quality of the talks. All the speakers were great public speakers. It reinforces the need for me to continue improving my public speaking skills. The two speakers to stand out for me , were Simon Phipps and Mark Shuttleworth.

Simon gave a great talk on the business value of open source. He explained why you need software freedoms. The talk clearly showcased the advantages of using open source. I liked the talk very much. It was great to hear a different side of why to use open source . A lot of other open source talks I have been try to get you to use open source for philosophical reasons . Simon explained you should use open source in order to stay flexibly and agile in the business world.


For the coffee break and networking session of the event their were a number of tables set up outside. A few different Irish open source providers were their with all their bells and whistles set up. As I mention last David from Enterprise Ireland offered me a table at the event.  For the TOG table we had our Makerbot a few posters and lots of Ubuntu Cd’s along with us. As with other events I have taken the Makerbot too, people love to know what it is. We had lots of people come over asking about. I talked to loads of people about hackerspaces and Ubuntu. It was great to meet some follow hackerspace members who were up from 091labs for the event. Overall the it was worthwhile having the table at the event. I am not sure any of them will be new TOG members but the overall awareness was definitely raised.