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Engineers week takes place this year between the 14th and 20th of February .  There are a host of events around the country for all age groups. Last year I ran a number of events for engineers week. I found it very worth while and enjoyable. This year I am giving a soldering workshop and an Arduino programming tutorial.

In the Soldering Workshop I will be showing people how to solder through-hole components and finishing off the class with the students building an astable multivibrator aka flashing lights.

For the Arduino 101 – Learn to Blink night, I will be showing people how to get started writing arduino programmes. All the basics will be covered.

For more information on these events check out or for a full listing of the Engineers Week events check out .

Sugru is like a modeling clay when you take it from its pack. Once it’s exposed to air, it cures to a tough flexible silicone overnight using the moisture in the air. Working time = 30 mins. Cure time = 24hrs (3-5 mm deep).

So a few months ago at a Make night I came to use Sugru for the first time. I started out trying to make some new feet for my laptop. It turned out to be a disaster. I did not leave it anywhere near long enough to set. I ended up with bits of orange silicone on the bottom of my laptop.

So hearing that the inventor herself Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh would be doing a event in the Science Gallery I decided I would head along and give Sugru another go. I took along  a new breadboard I had. I wanted to add a Power Female Jack Connector to the board. This would allow me to easily use a 12v power supply with my breadboard. Also I had an Seeeduino Mega with me that I wanted to add feet too.

After a little talk with the inventor, I set out to to make my feet and attach my connector.  Second time round I found it much easier to work with Sugru. I left it to dry over night and it all worked perfectly. I loved meeting the inventor and working with it . I am not sure if I would have enough uses to go out and buy lots of it. I guess time will tell. For  all of you open source people out there you could try and make some Oogoo, a home-made Sugru substitute.

I went along to a Data workshop in the Sci­ence Gal­lery today. The workshop was lead by an interesting man. Shintaro Miyazaki. The idea of the workshop was to build a device that would let you listen to the noise generated by electronic devices. The workshop consisted of us putting together a kit. The size of the class was small. I contacted the organizers earlier suggesting that I could bring along some soldering irons from TOG to save the students bringing along their own. Good thing I did.  The kit was from Japan and consisted of a speaker, amplifier and microphone. The instructions for the kit were in Japanese but it was easy to follow. I found the kit very easy to put together and get working. I spent most of my time teaching people how to properly solder. As with all the data workshops I have been to you meet great people at them. Overall I liked attending the workshop.  I think its important to go to a few workshops when you yourself teach workshops too. It gives you an insight to how the students feel at your workshop.