Week 10 News & Events

Hey guys, semester two is nearly over and done with already! However, as always, Redbrick have a few events to keep you going!

  • Society Awards
  • Facebook Talk
  • Annual Redbrick Quiz

Society Awards


Just a quick update on the society awards! Redbrick were nominated for a number of awards, and came on the shortlist for most of the awards we applied for this year. In the end, we came in a very close second for Society of the Year. While we didn’t get it this year, we hope to bring Redbrick to the top and bring home an award next year!

Facebook Talk

This week, Senior Engineer Ryan Mack is coming in on Wednesday the 11th of April to speak about Facebook. Hosted in association with the School of Computing, it will no doubt be incredibly interesting, as Ryan has been involved in the implementation of Time-line and the recent changes in Photos on Facebook. The talk begins at 5pm, and will be hosted in HG23. Ruth McIntyre from Facebook Ireland will also be there, as a representative of the university hiring team.

Annual Redbrick Quiz

Our annual quiz will be held during week 11, due to some unforeseen circumstances! However, your committee is working behind the scenes to make it as awesome as ever! We will have a few rounds of general knowledge questions, as well as some techy style questions, so be sure to swot up on these areas. We’ll confirm the venue with you next week, but we will let you in on what prizes are available on the night! Teams will be made up of four people apiece.

For the quiz, the prizes are as follows:
1st Prize - Hard Drives
2nd Prize - Nerf Guns
3rd Prize - Bacon Popcorn

We will also be holding a raffle on the night, where you can win an Asus netbook! We’ll have a few other spot prizes on the night, a full update to follow next week.