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Good Morning from

Welcome back to our members who are heading into their first day of term! To those of you who have just completed 4th year and will (hopefully) be joining us this year as associate members, we hope you have a less than rubbish Monday. To our dedicated associates we welcome you back to join us for what will hopefully be a great year.

Now that pleasantries are out of the way; down to business.

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  • Clubs & Socs Days
  • Updates


When: Weekly

Where: Various locations around DCU

The Committee have been planning long and hard over the summer to try and line up some interesting events. We’ve also come up with a prospective weekly schedule.

  • Monday: Screening of DefCon/ CCC talks in the Mezz.
  • Tuesday: Associate Talks
  • Wednesday: Rotating Helpdesk/Admin talks.
  • Thursday: Weekly Events: Talks, Parties & Other interesting things.
  • Friday: Chill out in nuBar and the occasional trip into Town for InterPints.

    Next Thursday sees our Fresher’s Session in nuBar.

We’ve got a few big events to kick off the year: Google:

  1. University Open House in Google’s Barrow St Offices https://www.google.ie/maps/place/Barrow+St,+Dublin,+Co.+Dublin/@53.3398795,-6.2364612,21z/data=%214m2%213m1%211s0x48670eeb7282cd47:0x44099d1673a54bb6 . When: October 3rd 2pm-6:30pm We’ve been invited to attend the first Google Tech Ireland Open House: Google Engineers will tell us what it’s like to work for Google, we’ll hear about student focused programmes as well as CV and interviewing tips. —>SIGN UP HERE TO ATTEND https://docs.google.com/a/google.com/forms/d/1NBWChHk4bsnGclhLqC1VqGXdyh4ofVeJWOc2BTUhCF0/viewform<— (must be done by 26/9/2014)
  2. Google Hangout - Engineering at Google. When: Tuesday October 7th 5pm - 6pm We’ll be getting people together and getting in some Firehouse Pizza and refreshments and listening to some Google Engineers from Dublin and abroad talk about their careers in Google thus far.

  3. Google come to DCU! When: Wednesday October 8th 1pm - 3:30pm We’ve arranged for 3 talks specially for Redbrick, two of which are from current Redbrick members. 1pm: “Perspectives on Studying Computer Science” - John Looney (valen) 2pm “ Systems at Scale: Tales from Google SRE” with Andrew Widdowson from MountainView 3pm: Q&A session with Conor Flynn (conor_f) a STEP intern from the PSSD program.


Intercom are a growing force in CRM; with Engineers and designers coming from some of the biggest companies in the world to work with them, they’re bound to be doing something right. Some of the Redbrick committee have gone to see their “Inside Intercom” talks, and now we’re bringing them to us. We have two Associate members confirmed thus far; moju and singer, they’ll coming in to talk about how Intercom runs and their times at the company thus far.

To get a feel for the kind of company it is check out their blog here: http://insideintercom.io/


So far we’ve had a huge response from our associate members, who are keen to share their knowledge and interests with the rest of the society. Confirmed so far are talks from:

  • Cian Synnott (pooka) - Find some of his tech writing here: emauton.org
  • Diarmaid McManus (elephant)
  • Ciar?n McNally (mak)
  • Richard Dalton (d_fens)
  • Matthew Barrington (moju)
  • David Scanlan (singer)

With many more who haven’t been adequately ‘persuaded’ yet.

This is just a taster of what we’ve got lined up for the year, along with the annual Christmas party, Quiz, Tech Week and Super Secret Trip, we hope you’ll enjoy the year.

Clubs&Socs Days

When: Sept 29th-Oct 1st

It’s that time of the year when we herald in a new gen of members.(Gen20 by my count) As usual there’ll be Redbrick committee members floating around the Venue, Giving out goodies and chatting about the year to come to all and sundry. Anyone can come by and renew their membership over those 3 days.


When: Sept-Nov

Over the next few months the admins, helped by esteemed rootholders, will be undertaking updates of the whole Redbrick Network. We will of course endeavour to give everyone plenty of notice of member impacting updates. Minimising downtime is one of our biggest priorities, so we’ll endeavour to make any necessary downtime as quick and painless and restore services as soon as possible.

That’s all until next week.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at events throughout the year,

On behalf of Redbrick Committee,

Richard Walsh Chair - Redbrick

e: chair at redbrick.dcu.ie