Redbrick turns 20!

Hi Guys

First of all, I’d like to welcome everyone back after what I hope was a great summer!

So as many of you may or may not know Redbrick will be turning 20 this year! Myself and the committee would like to make a it a pretty big party for such a great milestone but that can’t be achieved without the help of all our members.

We have set the date for April 9th 2016. In the coming weeks we will be looking at venues, thinking of ideas for the party and setting up a webpage with all details. This is where the help from you guys would be greatly appreciated in a couple of ways.


We can only let so many people know via email and social media so we’re bound to miss a few. So if you guys could spread the word to any old Redbrick members you can think of. Once we have the website up and running I’d ask that you share it where ever you can think of. The more the merrier :D


Since this is Redbricks 20th year we of course want to remember the earlier years so if anyone has any old photo, videos, posters or anything else they want to share please bring it on the night or email it to us or even send it in.


So far we’ve come up with music in a function room somewhere in town with beer and brickies. Do people want to do more? Does anyone have ideas of a venue? Send any and all ideas to us we want to make this an awesome event.

Lastly, we have no idea how much this party will cost or how much money we will get granted by the SU. If any members would like to donate money to us it would be greatly appreciated by us all.

Paypal: accounts at

Kind Regards

Lorcan Boyle (zergless) Redbrick Chairperson Computer Applications - Software Engineering Year 3