Week 11: Intro to Competitive Programming, Webmaster: Advanced JavaScript & EGM

Sorry for the delayed announce, cac is currently dead (meaning we have no idea where he is), we hope he turns up soon!

  • Introduction to Competitive Programming - Thuesday 1/12 - 5pm - LG25
  • Webmaster: Advanced Javascript - Wednesday 2/12 - 2pm - LG25
  • EGM - Thursday 3/12 - 5pm - CG05

Introduction to Competitive Programming

  • Date: Tuesday 1/12
  • Time: 5pm - 6pm
  • Location: LG25
  • More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/194492020892876/ Join us on Tuesday as Gary Conway, the organiser of the All-Ireland Programming Olympiad and a DCU computing department sysadmin, gives us an introduction to competitive programming. He’ll cover what’s involved, how to get started, and will have loads of time for a good old-fashioned Q&A. If you want to learn how to bolster our CV with competitive programming feats or jet off to exotic places to compete in exciting contests, then come to this talk to figure out what’s what!

Webmaster: Advanced JavaScript

  • Date: Wednesday 2/12
  • Time: 2pm - 4pm
  • Location: LG25
  • More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1522888658021968/ Not completely scared off JavaScript after last week? Fair play to you! Well then let’s try this again, this week come on down to LG25 again for Advanced JavaScript (with maybe a few of the basics that we missed last week) with one of our helpful elves (also known as admins) voy! He’ll be taking us on a magical journey through the mysterious void that is object orientated programming. Topics include objects, prototyping and (more) async!

Redbrick EGM

  • Date: Thursday 3/12
  • Time: 5pm - 6pm
  • Location: CG05
  • More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/512468695591467/ With a heavy heart and an uncontrollable fit of giggles, I’m sorry to say that our beloved Gillian (socks) has resigned from her position as treasurer. That means we get to have the fun of holding an EGM this Thursday to vote in a new treasurer!

If you are interested in running for the position, please email the committee. The treasurer is expected to be well organised, and to have a deep passion for filling in forms weekly.

Don’t forget to steal a sordid glance at our calendar and social media pages:

Best regards from myself and the rest of the Committee,

Cian Butler Helpdesk 2014/16