Week 18.1: Web Design | IrlCPC Signup

Hello my lovelies,

Because Redbrick is so great, and because I am so inefficient, there are even more events in the near future that I didn’t mention in the earlier email! Whooo!

Web Design with MPS

  • Date: Tuesday 08/03 (tomorrow!)
  • Time: 5pm - 6pm
  • Location: C102

Our friends in the Media Production Society are joining us to learn about building websites and making moolah. Our very own Aaron (~devoxel) will be looking at the basics of HTML and CSS and making new media-producing friends in the shiny Mac labs in the Henry Grattan, with plans to continue tainting them with web development knowledge next week too. Pop over if you want to learn how to make a sexy site, hug a sexy committee member, or just have some fun!

If you have anything in particular you want Aaron to talk about, send an all-caps email to devoxel at redbrick.dcu.ie.

Irish Collegiate Programming Contest (IrlCPC)

If you want to take your programming to the next level, then this is the event for you. The IrlCPC is a programming competition hosted by the UCC ACM Student Chapter, and is the place to be to meet the who’s who of the Irish programming red carpet. Teams of 3 ready for the event need to register before the 16th of March.

Redbrick will be sending a contingent, and will be paying some of the costs involved! The extent of the funding will depend on numbers; if you’re interested in competing, then email your friendly neighbourhood Redbrick committee. There are limited spaces however, so get your name in quick if you want to show off your sick programming skillz!

Don’t forget to hurriedly write a second announce email and check out our calendar and social media pages:

Le gach dea-ghuí, agus dea-memes, uaimse agus ón gcoiste ar fad,

Noah Donnelly (~cac) 1st Year Computational Problem Solving & Software Development Redbrick Secretary 2015/16 Total nerd lol