Week 19: Bash Scripting

Hey all,

The leprechauns are frolicking in the meadows, and the warm Spring sun is bothering people in other countries. That means that this week is the perfect week for more Redbrick networking wizardry! Helpdesk is going to be dishing out the deets on console scripting in Linux, so make sure you appear if you want to learn how to make your hard drive eject automatically every sixteen minutes while your speakers beep in Morse code.

Helpdesk: Bash Scripting

Have you seen the cool kids who have those .sh files littering up their repositories? Are you jealous of the h4ck3rs automating their builds and making their computers obey their every whim? Maybe scripting is for you. Helpdesk is going to teach the ups and downs and ins and outs of bash scripting, so you can be the hacker you dream to be. If you ask nicely, they might also teach you how to make your console text green and your background black.

Irish Collegiate Programming Contest (IrlCPC)

Your university needs YOU to write some algorithms and mash on a keyboard! If you want to take your programming to the next level, then this is the event for you. The IrlCPC is a programming competition hosted by the UCC ACM Student Chapter, and is the place to be to meet the who’s who of the Irish programming red carpet. Teams of 3 ready for the event need to register before the 16th of March (this Wednesday).

Redbrick will be sending a contingent, and will be paying some of the costs involved! The extent of the funding will depend on numbers; if you’re interested in competing, then email your friendly neighbourhood Redbrick committee. There are limited spaces however, so get your name in quick if you want to show off your sick programming skillz!

Redbrick 20th Birthday

Get your airhorns ready and your finger guns poised! The 20th birthday of your favourite networking society is around the corner! On the 9th of April, meet the Redbrick veterans that aren’t behind bars, party with two decades of dodgy admins, and find your true love! Help us in taking the piddle of the mistakes and crying about the successes of the past two decades of networking glory. The party to end all parties approaches, join us in making it as memorable as the past 20 years have been! Sign up at the link above to reserve a piece of birthday cake!

Don’t forget to write a birthday card to our calendar and social media pages:

Best regards from myself and the rest of the Redbrick committee,

Noah Donnelly (~cac) 1st Year Computational Problem Solving & Software Development Redbrick Secretary 2015/16