Week 21: Being an Embedded Software Engineer | AGM | Table Quiz!

Hi all,

O how I have missed thee; the glint of your sharp reading eyes, the disappointed sigh as you see my jokes, the swear words you mutter as you delete my eagerly-written message. You may have noticed that there was no announce last week; as you know, Redbrick aren’t very good with any of that computer business, and our mailing list interface was down. But alas, my love, it works now, and just in time for one of the most exciting weeks of the year! Here’s what’s on this week:

  • Being: An Embedded Software Engineer - Wednesday 30/03 - C166 - 3pm
  • Redbrick AGM - Thursday 31/03 - QG21 - 5.30pm
  • Annual Table Quiz - Thursday 31/03 - Nubar - 7pm

Being: An Embedded Software Engineer

Real life Intel embedded software engineers are coming to DCU! They work developing a hardware abstraction layer for Intel Quark based microcontroller products, and will be providing an insight into what is involved in being an embedded software engineer. There will also be a talk from an Intel Ireland Quark Solutions Division hiring representative about career opportunities for graduates. Finally, get pumped for the workshop, including some hands-on experience programming an Intel® Quark D2000 Microcontroller.

If you want to know what the IoT is or get excited at the thought of embedding some systems, then you’ll enjoy this event as much as I enjoy a good Easter omelette.

Redbrick AGM

The Redbrick throne is up for grabs! On Thursday the 31st, your chance will come to kill off the old committee and replace it with a newer, shinier model. Are you dissatisfied with the comfiness of the chair? Are you upset about the legs on the helpdesk? Do you (gasp) dislike the announces of the tearful secretary? Now is the time to put yourself forward, and leap onto the stage of the Redbrick theatre. Anyone can stand for a committee position, no matter how much they like Windows, and we’ll welcome them with open arms. We swear. If you want to run for the positions of helpdesk, admin, or webmaster, please email us in advance so we can prepare the exams and sharpen our knives.

Annual Table Quiz

After the power struggles and family feuds of the AGM, we’ll all come together as friends (and maybe more <3) at the infamous Redbrick quiz, at 6.30pm. There will be great prizes on offer, including a free holiday (applause), an exclusive t-shirt (wow), and a free meal at everyone’s favourite burger vendor (reader goes wild). There will be a lineup of stellar questions from questionable people, and even a picture round for any competitors who can’t read, so make sure you grab your awkward neighbours and enter a team!

Redbrick 20th Birthday

Get your alibi ready, because the 20th birthday of your favourite networking society is around the corner, and it’s going to be as slick as a sweaty sysadmin! On the 9th of April, meet the Redbrick veterans that aren’t behind bars, party with two decades of dodgy admins, and find your true love! Help us in taking the piddle of the mistakes and crying about the successes of the past two decades of networking glory. The party to end all parties approaches, join us in making it as memorable as the past 20 years have been! Sign up at the link above to reserve a piece of birthday cake!

If you would like to record a few seconds sharing memories about Redbrick, or would like to bash Redbrick on video, get in touch! We can record you, or you can make a recording yourself and throw it our way. Video or audio is fine, and we’d very much appreciate anything you want to say.

Don’t forget to go on an Easter egg hunt on our calendar and social media pages:

Best regards from myself and the rest of the Redbrick committee,

Noah Donnelly (~cac) 1st Year Computational Problem Solving & Software Development Redbrick Secretary 2015/16