Week 3: The brickies are back in town!

Summer is reaching its close- it’s time to break up with the sun, and rebound with Redbrick, DCU’s favourite networking society! I’d like to give our new members a warm welcome, and our returning members a grudging acknowledgement.

While watching DCU be torn apart one building at a time is entertaining, we have some even more exciting things going on in Redbrick in the coming days:

Redbrick by name sounds like an architectural society, so why do we keep hanging around computers? Join us on Wednesday to find out why Redbrick doesn’t design buildings, hear our plans for the year, learn some of our long and sexy history, and ask what exactly Redbrick will do for you.

EGM (and pizza)

In 10 days time (and not this week, as the crafty SU will lead you to believe), you’ll have your chance to get thrown in the deep end! At the Redbrick EGM you will get to vote on who will take the committee positions of Secretary, Webmaster, Helpdesk, Admin, Public Relations Officer, First Year Rep, and Cross-Campus Liaison Officer. We will also supply you with pizza - because you’re worth it.

If you want to be involved in DCU’s most active and attractive society, send us an email with which of the above positions you’d like to run for. You’ll need to do an exam beforehand for the positions of Webmaster, Helpdesk, and Admin, to make sure you’re sufficiently incompetent for the job. Don’t be shy, apply!