Week 6 How to Redbrick and Halloween

Dear Redbrick pals,

As the nights are getting longer and Christmas lights begin to fill the
streets of Dublin we can safely come to the conclusion that the mean
nights of latish October have arrived.

Luckily, Redbrick has loads of cool things going on to combat your onset
winter blues:


  • When: Wednesday 26th October 3pm – 4pm
  • Where: LG25
  • More information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1324843697535442/
    If you’re like me and don’t know exactly why you joined redbrick or how to
    use it properly this is for you. The Helpdesk team are doing their second
    talk on how to get the most out of Redbrick’s array of services.


Redbrick loves Halloween! Come celebrate it and have a few drinks with us
in the Slipper. Fancy dress is optional but I speak on behalf of the whole
committee in saying we’ll love people who dress up just a bit more than
those who don’t.

Also, as referenced in our last newsletter both PyCon and UKIEPC are
coming up very shortly with the UKIEPC registration deadline being this
Wednesday the 26th October and PyCon taking place the weekend after.

On top of this, Accenture are running an event in DCU on Wednesday 1pm –
3pm about potential careers in STEM. More info found here:

Hope y’all had a fab week and I’ll see you soon.
Oskar McDermott (oskar)