Week 9 Buying A Laptop | Raspberry Pi, Networking 101 | Burnout, How to Recognise and Avoid it

Dear Redbrick Crew,

It’s week 9 which means that it’s now so frequently dark I don’t remember the last time I saw actual day-light. Here are some events to hopefully perk up your spirits:

Buying a Laptop:

Reminder that Lorcan (zergless) is doing a talk on what to look into when buying a laptop, this will be especially helpful for people looking to get the most of their money while still getting the laptop they need and avoiding buying an incredibly expensive paperweight.

Helpdesk: Networking with Raspberry Pi

Time to dive right in with raspberry pi and networking. What better way to start than with our cute and tiny pis. Come along to get an intro to networking and get to grips with what raspberry pi and networking could mean for you.

Burnout: How to Recognise it

John Looney from Google will be doing a talk on Burnout, covering a range of topics from defining it, all the way to its prevention and cure.

RedBrick Secret Santa:

RedBrick is doing a secret Santa (you’re anonymously given the name of a person to buy a gift for and someone else is made to buy you a gift) the gifts will be exchanged at our Christmas event in the last week of the semester - where maybe if you’re all extra good, Santa Claus will make an appearance. If you want to sign up to the secret Santa the link is: events.redbrick.dcu.ie/christmas

Also, as a reminder to anybody going on the FOSDEM trip, the payment deadline is this Wednesday the 16th. Payment details can be found in the email sent out to everyone by Cormac (pints).

As always, I hope you have a lovely week.

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Oskar McDermott (oskar)