Week 10 | Burnout, How to Recognise It | Helpdesk, Raspberry Pi Projects | Redbrick Secret Santa

Dear Redbrick members,

It’s week 10! Double digits! We did it friends, we survived the single digit weeks and are now in double digit bliss. Here are the events we’re throwing in celebration:

Burnout: How to Recognise it

Mental Health has often been a taboo subject, but it’s something that can affect us all at some time. We’ve got a veteran Engineer and Manager who’s worked his way through the computing industry for nearly 20 years. John Looney (valen@rb) will talk about how to recognise and triage burnout. Recognising there’s a problem can be half of the battle to helping alleviate its effects, paired with some tips on how to combat it you’ll hopefully leave this talk with an arsenal to stave off burnout as you go through life.

Helpdesk: Raspberry Pi Projects

So you want to buy a pi but people keep asking you, ‘what can you do with that?’ - Well, we got pis and now you need projects. Drop by and hear the ever-glowing helpdesk give you project ideas and a basis to get you started.

RedBrick Secret Santa:

RedBrick is doing a secret Santa (you’re anonymously given the name of a person to buy a gift for and someone else is made to buy you a gift) the gifts will be exchanged at our Christmas event in the last week of the semester - where maybe if you’re all extra good, Santa Claus will make an appearance. If you want to sign up to the secret Santa the link is: events.redbrick.dcu.ie/christmas

Here’s our social media in case you miss us: Twitter: @RedbrickDCU Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dcuredbrick Snapchat: RedbrickDCU Google Calendar: http://tinyurl.com/redbrickCalendar

Have a hoppin’ week you guys.

  • Oskar McDermott (oskar)