Announce 24, Safer Sexting and Static Site Generation

Dear Redbrick friends,

If you’re really sad about February ending, here’s what we’re hosting for you:

Admin Talk: Static Site Generation

Our wonderful webmaster Cian (~butlerx) will be taking you through the ins and outs of the new hotness in web design: Static Site Generation! As well as some do’s and don’ts of web design in general.

Redbrick HackerClub

Redbrick will be getting together with all its members to start its second hackerclub! Bring your friends, bring your family, we don’t care if you bring your pet rock just come on down if you are interested in learning programming, both for your own projects or programming competitively. We have pizza :D

Safer Sexting

Diarmaid McManus (elephant), a former Redbrick member and now a Security Engineer, is coming into to give a talk on safer sexting. If you’re worried about Donald Trump seeing your private parts and dirty messages, this is the event for you!


Redbrick is making hoodies! If you’re interested in some primo-nice-cool-trendy-zip-up-hoodies, fill out your interest here: They’ll cost 35 euros and will have a logo on the chest and the back. If you want you can get your name on the sleeve. You have until the end of the month to register. For those of you who have registered, please pay a member of committee or PayPal us here:

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the redbrick helpdesk, admin or webmaster team, contact us here:

Finally, if you were on the trip to FOSDEM and would like a cool 15 euro back from Redbrick, please email to arrange a pickup.

Thanks for reading everybody,

  • Oskar McDermott (oskar)

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