Announce 32 | New Committee | Good Luck | Hoodies | Survey

Dear Brickies,

Exams in the distance, but we’re nearly there! To cheer you up, hoodies have arrived!

For those of you finishing college, good luck to you too, we’ll miss you :( Remember to check your email when the new term starts so you can upgrade to our Associates Package. IRC is the best way to spend those long work hours, so you’re more than welcome to join.

New Committee

As you might already know, with the AGM behind us, the committee has changed. We are working relentlessly - reviewing, planning and organising next year to make it better than all the previous ones. In case you don’t know who is responsible for all the mess next year, let me re-introduce you to the new committee.

  • Chairperson: Terry Bolt (tbolt)
  • Secretary: Wojtek Bednarzak (voy)
  • Treasurer: Ciara Godwin (hexagon)
  • Public Relations Officer: Chris Dowling (winesnob)
  • Events Officer: James Mc Dermott (mctastic)
  • System Administrator: Alex Mcgrath Kraak (akraak)
  • System Administrator: Cormac Smartt (pints)
  • System Administrator: Tom Doyle (greenday)
  • Webmaster: Ben McMahon (mcmahon)
  • Helpdesk: Sahil Mehra (pr0n)
  • Helpdesk: Michal Durinik (mikello)

We would also like to thank the 2016-2017 committee for their hard work, as well as giving us suggestions and ideas they didn’t have time to execute.

Good Luck in the exams

Yes. Exams are coming. On behalf of the new committee, best of luck, you CAN do it! Studying early helps :)


The hoodies have (finally) arrived! If you have ordered a hoodie you should get an email shortly regarding the collection. If you didn’t order, you might get a chance next year, so don’t worry :)

“How does this announce thing work again?”
Wojtek Bednarzak (~voy)
Redbrick Secretary 2017-2018

Programming Survey

We have been asked by a Trinity College professor to answer a survey regarding programming experience before starting college:

Such surveys help to improve the computer courses in Ireland, and will only take 10 minutes of your time. We would be grateful for your response.