Week 7 and a half | EGM | HackerClub | Nubar | Ball

Hey Everyone,


  • Microsoft Cancelled Today
  • EGM, November 8th
  • HackerClub, Thursday L101 @ 16:00
  • Mid-Semester Drinks, Thursday Nubar @ 19:00
  • Engineering and Computing Ball

Microsoft Cancelled Today

Unfortunately, The event today Microsoft Tech Talk: Chasing 9’s has been postponed to later in the month, due to unforseen circumstances with the Microsoft team.


We have unfortunately had some members leave our committee. Welp. This means we will be looking to fill a few positions. The positions up for grabs are:

  • Secretary
  • PRO
  • First Year Rep
  • Helpdesk x2

If you would like to run for helpdesk, please email committee@redbrick.dcu.ie This is to facilitate running the necessary helpdesk exam. Past exams are available on redbrick.dcu.ie/help/exams



Hackerclub will be continuing as usual this Thursday, starting at 4pm. Come on down to practive your programming, eat pizza, and chat with us! We’ll be working through some less-demanding problems until 5pm, and then we’ll step up the difficulty for the brave amongst you!


Mid-Semester Drinks

It’s reading week, and that means there’s less people around than usual. Some of your friends may have gone home for the week, some may actually be hitting the books, but your friends at Redbrick won’t let you down!

Redbrick wil host a mid-semester party in the NuBar on Thursday starting at 19:00.

Feel free to pop down at any time, it’s a great opportunity to get to know other members and the committee!



The Engineering and Redbrick societies have been working hard over the past few months to bring you one of the top highlights of the year!


It will take place on Thursday, November 16th, in The Bonnington Dublin, on the Swords road.

The event will be as follows;

  • Prosecco Reception
  • 3 course banquet
  • Band
  • DJ

Dress code is formal so stay classy 😉

Tickets available here: http://bit.ly/2yLpDNI


Chris Dowling (winesnob) Redbrick PRO 2017-2018

s o c i a l m e d i a Twitter: @RedbrickDCU Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dcuredbrick Snapchat: RedbrickDCU Events: https://events.redbrick.dcu.ie