Week 9 | IoT | HackerClub | Ball

Hey Everyone,


  • IoT, Wednesday LG26 @ 16:00
  • HackerClub, Thursday L101 @ 16:00
  • Engineering and Computing Ball


As you all know we held our EGM last week! I’d like to introduce our new and old and swapped aroud committee:

  • Chairperson: Terry Bolt (tbolt)
  • Secretary: Chris Dowling (winesnob)
  • Treasurer: Ciara Godwin (hexagon)
  • Public Relations Officer: Josh Malone (sangreal)
  • Events Officer: James Mc Dermott (mctastic)
  • System Administrator: Alex Mcgrath Kraak (akraak)
  • System Administrator: Cormac Smartt (pints)
  • System Administrator: Tom Doyle (greenday)
  • Webmaster: Ben McMahon (mcmahon)
  • Helpdesk: Nevan Oman Crowe (branch)
  • Helpdesk: Cliodhna Harrison (thegirl)
  • First Year Liason Officer: Anthony Doran (albino)

IoT Security Talk with d_fens

IoT, short for the Internet of Things, simply put, this is the connecting any smart device to the Internet, but smart devices can range from your phone to your fridge to your car these days.

IoT security has been brought further up the stack of issues that need to be addressed due to the wide variety of frightening vulnerabilities some of these devices possess.

Make sure to come along to LG25 on Wednesday the 15th of November at 16:00 as an associate of ours, by the username of d_fens, is coming in to tell us about the world of IoT, IoT security, and some of the more odd and interesting vulnerabilities found over the years.



Hackerclub will be continuing as usual this Thursday, starting at 4pm. Come on down to practive your programming, eat pizza, and chat with us! We’ll be working through some less-demanding problems until 5pm, and then we’ll step up the difficulty for the brave amongst you!



The Engineering and Redbrick societies have been working hard over the past few months to bring you one of the top highlights of the year!

Tickets available here: http://bit.ly/2yLpDNI


Chris Dowling (winesnob)

Redbrick Secretary 2017-2018

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dcuredbrick

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