Week 10 | Ball | Social Engineering | HackerClub | Christmas Party

Hey Everyone,


  • Social Engineering For Hacking, Wednesday LG26 @ 16:00
  • HackerClub, Thursday L101 @ 16:00
  • Christmas Party, Slipper, 29th of November


We would like to thank everyone who came to the ball on Thursday! We hope you all had a good time and we can now stop spamming you about it!

Social Engineering For Hacking

Social Engineering - what is it?

Come over to LG26 on Wednesday the 22nd of November at 16:00 to learn how hackers steal your data, how you hand it over to them regularly, and attacks they use to break into your accounts and buildings.

If you have an interest in protecting yourself in a modern world come and find out both the sophisticated techniques, and the not so sophisticated ones too!



Hackerclub will be continuing as usual this Thursday, starting at 4pm. Come on down to practice your programming, eat pizza, and chat with us!


Christmas Party

The annual Redbrick Christmas party is on the horizon friends! The festivities kick off at 19:00 in the Slipper on Wednesday the 29th of November, so make sure you tag along for some festive Christmas cheer… even if the party is in the month of November…


Chris Dowling (winesnob)

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