Week 11 | Christmas Party | Building A Desktop | HackerClub

Hey Everyone,


  • Building a Desktop, Wednesday LG26 @ 15:00
  • HackerClub, Thursday L101 @ 16:00
  • Christmas Party, Slipper, Wednesday @ 19:00

Christmas Party

The annual Redbrick Christmas party is on the horizon friends! The festivities kick off at 19:00 in the Slipper on Wednesday the 29th of November, so make sure you tag along for some festive Christmas cheer… even if the party is in the month of November…


Building a Desktop

Want to learn about building desktops? Are you not sure of how different individual components work inside your machine? Do you need help fixing your PC? Just need some buyers tips in general?

At some time or another we all venture into the world of building and on Wednesday the 29th at 15:00 a Redbrick member by the username of mikello will be giving a great talk, introducing you to the world of desktop building.



After weeks of persistent problem solving and programming, it’s safe to assume you all know your STDIN from your STDOUT. Now you get to prove it to us! This week HackerClub will hold a friendly little competition which is open to everyone and anyone! Will it be a little before from your weekly run of the mill HackerClub? Yes. Will there be prizes? You bet ya! Pop in to L101 on Thursday at 16:00 and join in on the fun!


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