Week 2 | Google Hash Code | IrlCPC | HackerClub | Reintroduction to Redbrick | B.Y.O.P (Build Your Own Projects) | FOSDEM

Hello all,

Week two is here. If that has you feeling somewhat lethargic, then we have a few events/workshops to help liven up your week!


  • Google Hash Code qualification round 1st March @ 18:30.
  • Rebrick are going to IrlCPC 10th March
  • HackerClub, Tuesday L101 @ 16:00.
  • Reintroduction to Redbrick, Wednesday LG26 @ 15:00.
  • B.Y.O.P, Thursday LG125 @ 16:00
  • FOSDEM 2018 talks at https://video.fosdem.org/2018/

Google Hash Code

Step into the shoes of a Google engineer during Hash Code, a team programming competition that tasks students and professionals across Europe, the Middle East and Africa with solving a Google engineering problem. Are you up for the challenge? The first round (an Online Qualification Round) is on 1st March at 18:30 CET.

You can take part from anywhere you’d like, or you can participate in one of the Hash Code hubs. DCU’s School of Computing is once again a Hash Code hub, providing a fun and exciting environment where teams compete side-by-side.

Top scoring teams from this round will be invited to Google Dublin to compete for the title of Hash Code 2018 champion.


The 2018 Irish Collegiate Programming Competition will be held on Saturday the 10th of March. If you intend to travel down with Redbrick to IrlCPC, please respond s soon as possible as we can give 50% off to the first seven teams that sign up to travel with us.

If you’re thinking of entering, head on over to http://acm.ucc.ie/node/add/registration to register your team!


Come down to L101 on Tuesday at 16:00 for HackerClub. Here we help you improve your problem solving and programming in a series of competitive programmig workshops.. Whether you’ve attended a HackerClub session before or not make sure you come along on Tuesday at 16:00 so you can start making HackerClub a staple of your weekly college diet!


Reintroduction to Redbrick

Unfortunately, our previously scheduled talk for the 7th of February needs to be reorganized for another Wednesday later this semester. But never fear, we still have a great Wednesday talk!

As the academic year progresses, you end up with a number of people who missed some of the more important and fundamental Redbrick talks.

This one is for all the new faces, and for those not so new faces that need a friendly reintroduction to what Redbrick does, along with a crash course in how to become a part of the not so elite IRC squad.

Come along to LG26 on Wednesday at 15:00 and catch up on all the action!


B.Y.O.P (Build Your Own Projects)

Our brand new weekly workshop is back! Running in L125 on Thursday from 16:00 to 18:00 this week, B.Y.O.P is a workshop focused on project based learning, i.e applying what you already know to projects. Along the way you will show you some handy tools you can use to enhance and improve your projects.

So come on down on Thursday if you want to improve your software development skill-set!



Last but not least, for all those who ate and slept regularly this weekend, and thus as a result couldn’t make it to FOSDEM, videos of some of the talks have already been made available already at https://video.fosdem.org/2018/

Also a big shout out to the traveling members who flew back into Dublin airport late last night. Hope you all enjoy your lectures today!

James McDermott (~mctastic) Redbrick Events Officer 2017-2018

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