Week 3 | Microsoft Talk | Hackerclub | EGM | UKIEPC

Hello again everyone, especially all our new brickies. It’s branch your secretary here.

Hope you all enjoyed our introduction last week and also hope that all your classes are going well.This week there’s lots more in store for everyone! Come along to everything if you can and see what we have to offer, especially our EGM where we’ll be electing new committee members!


  • Microsoft Talk - Why (almost) everything is worse at Scale. And why that’s Good. Wednesday @3pm LG25
  • Hackerclub Thursday @4pm L101
  • EGM Thursday @6:30pm L101

Microsoft Talk - Why (almost) everything is worse at Scale. And why that’s Good

To solve problems that affect billions of people, you need to think about them in a different way. This talk will follow how we use the scale of Microsoft to empower the lives of all of our users, including how the scale affects how we go about solving issues, testing for it and how we monitor for issues.

Eoin O’Brien has been a software engineer in Microsoft Office for over 2 years currently driving knowledge from insights on the One Microsoft Enterprise Acceleration team. Eoin has worked on services, data processing and publicly facing websites, including working on both the consumer and enterprise side of Office, driving growth and adoption. Come along and see what this great talk has to offer, meet some great industry professionals and maybe learn something new!



Are you finding programming hard? Little bit stuck or at a point where you’re too afraid to ask questions? Never fear! Hackerclub is back and better than ever!

Come along down to L101 Thursday at 4pm to find out what it’s all about and maybe learn a few new things about tackling those pesky programming problems!



This is one of our huge events this week, It’s our EGM. It’s coming up this Thursday @6:30 in L101 just after hackerclub. Please come along and maybe run for a position, vote or have just have some craic!

Here are all the positions available:

  • First-year rep
  • Graphics Officer
  • Vice Chair
  • Second Events Officer
  • Second Helpdesk Officer
  • Two Ordinary Members Talk to any of the committee members beforehand if you have any questions!



This year Redbrick will be hosting a Hub in DCU for UKIEPC, at the moment it’s all getting set up and we will have further emails and more information about it during the week. Just keep watching those emails!

Nevan Oman Crowe (branch) Redbrick Secretary 2018-2019

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