The Committee is a 17 person team which is elected yearly to run all aspects of the society.


The Helpdesk is made up of the wonderful Conor Berns (berns) and Connor Mulready (mulreac).

The Helpdesk is what it sounds like, a desk for help. No seriously, we’re here to help out and answer any questions at all to help you make the most of Redbrick. Don’t be shy now, feel free to mail or hey us any time and check out the help section we maintain.

We also run regular tutorial in the CA labs in DCU, any member can attend and we will guide you through the basics and answer any queries, watch out for notices and posters around campus or on Redbrick.

The Helpdesk tutorials can be found here.


An elite team of individuals dedicated to keeping the society’s hardware and services running. The Admin team is made up of three elected Admins and the Webmaster who are current members of the Committee, as well as previous elected root holders who have volunteered to keep doing stuff.

Elected System Administrators:

  • Tom Doyle (greenday)
  • Lucas Savva (m1cr0man)
  • Ben McMahon (mcmahon)

Esteemed Holders Of Root:

  • Lucas Savva (m1cr0man)
  • Ben McMahon (mcmahon)
  • Tom Doyle (greenday)
  • Alex McGrath Kraak (akraak)
  • Cian Butler (butlerx)
  • Cormac Smartt (pints)
  • Terry Bolt (tbolt)
  • Wojtek Bednarzak (voy)
  • Lorcan Boyle (zergless)
  • Emmanuel Caillé (Twister)
  • Richard Walsh (koffee)
  • vadimck
  • isaac702
  • gw
  • fun
  • haus
  • receive
  • werdz
  • johan
  • sonic
  • lil_cain