Helpdesk test 2003 AGM

Howdy folks,
Below are 25 questions regarding “how do I use redbrick”. All questions are in the form of a mail or hey from our imaginary user All questions should be answered as if you were actually replying to him for real. Each question is worth either 3 or 4 marks but you should try and get as much into your answers as possible. As there may be more than 1 correct response. If a question has four marks going for it. It’s more than like gonna be long, or have a couple of parts

You can assume for the questions that the user is using the following programs.
Mutt (for mail)
Slrn (for news)
BitchX (for chat)

Best of luck

Eoin ‘cambo’ Campbell
Declan ‘skyhawk’ McMullen
Declan ‘dec’ O’Neill

1. (3 MARKS)
Dear Helpdesk,
my name is john smith and i joined with the username jsmith
on clubs and socs day. But i’ve lost my password. Can you send
it to me again at my Computer Applications address

2Marks for mailing admins CC’ing user.
1Mark for reminding that’ll go to his Stumail account for

2. (4 MARKS)
hey guys,
jsmith here again. finally getting the hang of this whole unix
thing. gotta a bit of a problem tho. I’ve been sending heys to
the lads but every now and again the the terminal hangs and i
have to quit redbrick. and other times the terminal closes
straight after i send the hey. can you please tell me how i’m
screwing up.

2Marks for explaining CTRL-D and ignoreeof
2Marks for the CTRL-S / CTRL-Q terminal freeze commands

3. (4 MARKS)
Message from jsmith on prodigy (pts/999) [ Mon 01/Jan/2003 00:00:00 ] …
o hey man o
o was just reading the news groups but it my laptop went to cack o
o and when i logged back in i cant read’em. this is what it says o
o o
o Reading startup file /usr/local/etc/slrn/slrn.rc. o
o loading /usr/local/etc/slrn/ o
o Reading startup file /home/member/j/jsmith/.slrnrc. o
o loading /usr/local/share/slrn/ o
o Using newsrc file /home/member/j/jsmith/.jnewsrc for server o
o fatal error: o
o slrn: pid 14212 is locking the newsrc file. o
o o
o whats up? o

2Marks for kill command / pid
2for jobs/fg/CTRL-Z explanation

4. (4 MARKS)
yo dudes,
cambo was telling me i should learn how to make my heys a
little more personalised or something. any idea what he was talking
about or pointers on how to do it.

2Marks on how to set ENV variables
1Mark on hey parameters -t,-b etc…
1*Mark pointer to the helpdesk section on the website

5. (3 MARKS)
hey guys,
3yr project is coming up in a few weeks and i wanna be on the
ball. can i get you guys to setup a mysql account for me on
redbrick and let me know how i start it.

1Mark on mail admins CC user saying its being done
2Marks on how to command - mysql -u jsmith -d jsmith -p

6. (3 MARKS)
Message from jsmith on prodigy (pts/999) [ Mon 01/Jan/2003 00:00:00 ] …
x^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -=’., jsmith-hey ,.’=- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^x
| hey eoin |
| i’m sick to death of those colours that on the command |
| prompt as default. any way to change em. someone told me to |
| look in the .zshrc file for them but theres nothing in there |
| really. |
| cheers. |

1Mark for telling them that they are in /etc/zshrc which is why
they couldn’t find em.
1Marks for a quick explanation of PS1 / RPS1 / what they are,
how to set them
1*Mark for pointing them towards the relative helpdesk pages

7. (3 MARKS)
Hey guys,
I was talking to cambo on hey, and he pointed me the right direction
for a nice colouredy command prompt. is there anyway to colour in the
result of commands to. I want to be able to give different types of
files a different colour when i LS a directory
John Smith

3*Marks alias ls=’colorls -FGal’
alias ls=’gls –color -al’

8. (3 MARKS)
Its the last prompt-ey question i promise ;)
just wondering how i do that thing that tells you
when people login or out of the system.

2*Marks for
WATCHFMT=”%b[%B%n%b] %U%a%u from terminal %M %Uat %T%u”;

1*Mark for watch=(cat ~/.friends)

9. (4 MARKS)
Hey skyhawk,
you see that post on the boards about the grand prix. how
would i go about saving that to a text file in my account.
and how do i send a post via mail to someone else.

2Marks for telling them how to forward a post via mail ‘F’
2Marks for telling them how to save a post to a text file ‘o’

10. (3 MARKS)
Message from jsmith on prodigy (pts/999) [ Mon 01/Jan/2003 00:00:00 ] …
x^^^^^^ -=’., jsmith-hey ,.’=- ^^^^^^x
| hey bud, |
| is there anyway to spell check posts |
| in slrn before i post them. |
| thanx |

3*Marks For the command and correct syntax of the command
interpret “/usr/local/share/slrn/”

11. (4 MARKS)
hey lads,
Just wondering, can you change the order of the posts in slrn.
i’d like to have them in order of date rather than alphabetically.

2Marks for command on ESC-s followed by ‘8’ or ‘9’ for threaded
and non threaded sorting by date
2Marks for “set sorting_method 9” command in .slrnrc

12. (3 MARKS)
My christ,
sorry for the rant but if i have to see one more post from those
contrary fucking associates i’ll scream. any way to block posts for a user.

2Marks for creatings a .scorefile and adding ‘set scorefile “.scorefile”‘
to the .slrnrc
1Marks for using the ‘k’ button in slrn to block posts.

13. (4 MARKS)
lads got a quick question,
how do i go into chat with a different nickname? i know i’m not
supposed to (thats what i hear anyway) but just for the laugh i’d
like to know how to do it. some people login as different names and
some people change their name in there so i’d like to know both ways.

2Marks for BitchX name -c “#lobby”
2Marks for /name new_name

14. (3 MARKS)
me again,
meant to ask the last time, how do i send a message that only
one person will be able to see.

3*Marks /msg username this is my message

15. (3 MARKS)
hey cambo,
I know you told me that redbrick was cool for email but i’m
just pissed off with that shitty text only interface. can i
read and send mails from my redbrick account using outlook.
how do i set it up.

3*Marks For Mail receiving setup. POP/SMTP =
username and password

16. (3 MARKS)
hey again eoin,
well that didn’t take long for outlook express to get on
my tits. I’m gonna give text based email another chance
but is there anyway for me to setup mail folders/filters
in redbrick. how do i setup a folder so that all mail that comes
in forwarded from my yahoo account gets filtered to it.

1Mark for yes its possible using procmail, and a procmailrc file
2Marks for this rule in your procmailrc
:0 :.myyahoolock

17. (3 MARKS)
Message from jsmith on prodigy (pts/999) [ Mon 01/Jan/2003 00:00:00 ] …
x^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -=’., jsmith-hey ,.’=- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^x
| oh yeah…… i’ve another procmail question |
| what sort of rule would i need for filtering my CA tutoring mail. |
| it can come from a few different lecturers but it always has “CA103” |
| somewhere in the subject |

:0 :.ca103lock
^(Subject): .CA103.

18. (3 MARKS)
Well lads,
I decided that since I’ll have a few weeks off over the hols, i’m gonna