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  • How do I send a private message to someone on chat?
  • Hey,
    I’ve been using chat on Redbrick, but I can’t figure it out. How do I join and leave channels, and is there anyway to see a list of all the rooms?
  • Hey guys,
    I’ve got the original password here, but it has all these funny letters and numbers in it. How do I change it?
  • How do I put my website on Redbrick? I’ve written it on my pc, and it looks really pretty, but I can’t get it onto the intertron :(
  • Hey, I’ve just uploaded my website the way you told me, but I still can’t see it. I get this stupid picture of a brick with some stupid error message.
  • someone told me to /disco and it broke my chat. How do I get it working again?
  • What’s a “hey”? how do I use it? what’s it for?
  • what’s this finger thing people keep talking about? is it some sort of perverted reference like FAP FAP FAP?
  • Hi, I’m in first year of CA and I’m doing my programming 1 assignment on redbrick. The program works in the labs, but it prints i out some weird error about classpaths on redbrick. What’s wrong with it?
  • Hey,
    I want to be 1337 like the admins. How do I use this vim thing they keep going on about?
    I launched it, and I can’t type, or get out of it
  • Hi,
    The Redbrick boards look really cool, but I can’t figure out how to use slrn. Is there an alternative?
  • People can’t download the .wmas I put up for them to warez? what’s going on?!?
  • Hey,
    Everytime I try top run this super script I wrote, it tells me that permission is denied? What’s going on man?
  • Hi,
    I’m sick of this webmail bollocks, redbrick’s client’s suck. What’s this mutt thing the associates keep going on about? how do I send mails from it?
  • Hi!
    I hear Redbrick has a photo gallery.
  • How do I make my hey border permanent? I hate typing it in every time I hey someone…
  • Hey,
    this zsh thing is kinda lame. I saw an admin’s screen yesterday and he had a super 1337 prompt, with the time of day in it. How do I get a prompt like that?
  • Hey!
    I’ve started using mutt. It’s really cool, but I’d like to have my own signature at the end of all my mails. How do I set that up with mutt?
  • Hey,
    I’ve decided I wantto use pidgin on redbrick, but I can’t install it, sudo won’t work! how do I get root, and install it?
  • Hi, I’d like to make a section on my website password protected, any idea how I could do this?
  • Yo,
    I think I’ve finally got the hang of this permissions thing, but how would I check what permissions a file has?
  • Hi!
    I just started my own channel on IRC, but I was wondering how can I make it password protected? Can you tell me a few of the other modes that I can use for my channel? I’d also like to know how to give my friends ops and stuff.
  • Hi,
    One of my windows just froze up! It doesn’t seem to be responding to any commands or anything… how can I fix it?
  • Hi,
    I’d like a postgresql account on RB, how would I go about getting one?
  • Ok, I think I just missed an important hey, how do I check who’s been sending me heys I got?
  • Hey,
    I started using screen yesterday, and mine just stopped working. It said “detached” and I typed go again like I was told to, but it just started another one. How do I fix my screen?
  • I’ve been trying to use Screen recently, what’s the difference between reattaching with screen -DR and screen -x?
  • I don’t like this stupid terminal. How do I connect to with mIRC?
  • The Following questions are bassed off actual emails recieved by Helpdesk

    Please Respond as if you were answering the emails.

  • Hi,
    I’m having a problem with getting java to work through command prompt. When I type in ‘javac’ the error message I keep getting is “javac is not recognised as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.”I’ve tried re-installing the cd several times but keep getting the same problem. Do you have any ideas on how to fix this?
    A Person.

  • I’m having issues changing my display name. CHFN doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’d appreciate any help you could give me on this. I created a thread on redbrick.babble called ‘Changing Display Name??’ which has some more info on it.
    Shadow just suggested using /local/bin/chfn as that worked for him but I get the same result..
    A N Other Person
  • Helpdesk,
    What does PHP stand for?
  • Helpdesk,
    I’ve heard someone saying they could logon to redbrick with ssh but don’t have to give their password. Where can i get information on it Redbrick? What is he doing?
    Joe Blogg

    1. what’s redbrick about?
    2. Why are you cooler than the other candidates?
    3. Who’s the most sarcastic member of redbrick?
    4. - explain

    Author’s Note: At the time of writing the website was not accessible via for historical reasons. This issue has since been resolved.

    1. screen.