Helpdesk test 2011 AGM

· Most questions appear in the form of a hey/email from a user
· Try to answer as if you were replying to the user
· Write your answers on a separate page and number them for ease of correction
· You can assume for the questions, unless otherwise specified, that the user is using the following programs:
· IRC: irssi
· News: Slrn
· Email: mutt
· All questions carry equal marks (3 marks)
· Some questions won’t have an obvious answer, in this case you’ll be rewarded for knowing what to ask the user next.
· RTFM/Just google it are NOT acceptable answers
· Possible bonus marks for amusing/helpful answers
· Ask isaac702 if you have any questions/problems.
· Best of Luck:)

hai guyz, are there any games on redbrick?
preferably D&D inspired roguelike games?

I am trying to upload a website I have written to Redbrick.
Does redbrick have an FTP Server and if so what username and password do I use?


So like, I’m trying to ssh out to my own server, with the command “ssh” but the program just hangs there and never connects.
Why is your server so shit and how can I get it to work?

Could you please reset my password to 0871001111.

I want to be cool and insult the shit out of people on IRC, but I’m worried that people will be able to find out who I am with a /whois and inform my mother that I’ve been naughty.
How can I change what shows up in this information?
isaac702, master-troll.

I heard Redbrick got a new server and I am wondering what were the names of the other servers redbrick has had over the years.

Thanks for helping me upload the files for my website however I am having another problem. I am getting a 403 Error when accessing them from my webbrowser what is the problem.

I need extra storage on RB for my massive collection of pornography course notes.
Is this allowed/possible, and if so, how do i go about getting it?

I left my terminal open in the labs and someone managed
to change my hey border to an ascii penis, how do I
change it back?

So #lobby is great and all, but recently I’ve been in the mood for conversations that aren’t carried out through 6-line high ASCII art and retarded colours.
Is there a way for me to block all messages from beim certain users?
Also is there a way to disable colour on incoming messages?
Thanks, this should make it far easier to have more meaningful conversations, such as those about pints and chillis.

For my course I am learning Java and I am trying to do my assignment on Redbrick. However when I try to compile the program I get the following error.
newb@azazel (~) -> javac
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap
Could not create the Java virtual machine.
Is there a way to fix this?
Also is there a way I can see the differences between 2 different versions of my source code?

So I’ve been using nano to edit text files, and it gets the job done, but people keep questioning my sexual preferences.
Is there a different text editor on Redbrick, and how do I learn to use it?
Also by what percentage will my sexual activity increase once I begin using it?

Recently I have been unable to get at Redbrick from Laplan however I have heard there is a secret way to get in.
How can I access redbrick on Laplan?

I want to see which users are currently logged on to redbrick however I don’t trust shadow’s scripts. How can I do this? Is there a way to see which ones are logged in from DCU?

I want to tell carri all the dirty things I’d do to her, but when I say them in #lobby people get annoyed and tell me to take it to PM.
How do I do this?
I anxiously await your response.
What is chmod and could you briefly explain what do each of the numbers I specify mean.
eg. chmod 744 index.html

I’m trying to install 1337-program-1.2.3 with the instructions on its website.
When I run “sudo make install” and type my password it tells me I’m not allowed to do this.
Is there a way to use this program on Redbrick?

I want to get a list of all Redbrick member usernames (for perfectly legitimate purposes).
How can I do this?

I am trying to compress all my files into a tar.gz file so I can download a backup of them.
It is important the permissions stay the same.
How can I do this.


So like, I’m really liking this screen thing :P

but for some reason it shows me as being logged in 6 times lol

(it’s not my own fault, I followed the instructions beimear gave to the letter)

How do I fix your broken server and it’s inability to handle my 1337 screen skillz?

I’m using mutt because I think it makes me look cool and more desirable to the opposite sex.
Unfortunately my inbox is being filled with people trying to increase my manhood (they probably just don’t know I’m using mutt).
Is there some spam filter I can set up on Redbrick, and where would I find more info about it?

Message from nweb@azazel on pts/3 at 15:16 …
O Oh hi, O
O I want to setup my desktop mail client to send and recieve email O
O using my Redbrick email account. O
O What is Redbrick’s POP3 and SMTP mail server? O

So I was editing a file on RB and I pressed Ctrl-S to save it, for some reason everything stopped responding, and I was right in the middle of hot cyber-sex action on IRC!!1!
How do I fix this, I need to get back to that conversation ASAP.

Hey, I signed up and got my password, but it’s really stupid, it has all these numbers and the letters aren’t in any logical order, so hard to remember.
How do I change it to qWeRtY?
Also when is the admin test? I intend to run, RB needs my 1337 security skillz!

I heard about about this news (slrn) thing on redbrick. It was working yesterday however now when I try to access it it says it is locked. What is wrong? Why am I being excluded?

I’m backing up all my bestiality and fetish porn to my RB account, but someone has pointed out to me that the folder (~/SaturdayNight) is world-readable, and everyone is now making fun of me and thinking up nasty nicknames.
How do I ensure that no-one else can see my private files on RB?

I’ve started a channel for discussion of eastern philosophy and the evolutionary advantages of vegetarianism.
I’m expecting it to become the most popular channel on RB, if not the internet as a whole, so it needs more than me to police it.
How do I assign more OPs to the channel, and what are the modes I can use to control it?

Hi, I intend to start using databases in my programs however I first want to learn how it works. Can I have a Mysql account?
Also once I have it how do I access it.
Are there any resources to help me

So I was in #japanophiles and everyone was talking about how everything is, but it all just showed up as silly boxes to me.
I’m worried that these guys won’t think I’m cool and deep enough for them, and I don’t want to have to keep telling them to use English instead of badly-broken Japanese when talking with other native English speakers.
How do I make sure I can see these characters?

Urgent problem. I was trying out the different shells that are on redbrick and I changed mine to /usr/local/shells/disusered. Now when I log in I can’t do anything. Help.
Also could you give me a brief list of pro’s & con’s of some of the shells on redbrick so something like this doesn’t happen again. Which ones should I avoid?

I really like that I’m able to stay logged into IRC 24/7 and have people message me all the time.
Is it possible to do the same for stuff like MSN and Facebook chat with RB?

I am having issues logging into Redbrick. I have recently had a number of failed login attempts and now it won’t let me enter my password at all. What is the problem?
My username is newb and my password is pI|RuD7E.

People keep sending me heys about the perceived size of my penis (they’re wrong by the way, I can prove it later tonight if you want).
This is all fine, but it keeps crashing right into the middle of my irssi window, so it makes it really hard to chat about how much I hate the brits in #intersocs.
Is there a way to disable heys, or at least stop them from going into my chat?

1: Hypothetically, assume that you find out that a good friend of yours (and Redbrick member) has a very attractive younger sister (who seems well up for it).
Explain, in 500 words or less, what actions you would take in this completely hypothetical situation, and why.

2: You kind yourself with blessed scroll of genocide; L, R, c and m are already genocided.
What is the obvious class to genocide with this scroll?
In what situation would it be ridiculously stupid to genocide this class?

3: It is Friday, you have had a bowl of cereal and decided on which seat to occupy.
What do you do next?

4: “As a matter of principle, I don’t own a real tie” ~ Richard Stallman.
Discuss the impact Richard Stallman has had on your life, giving at least 3 examples of positive changes to your lifestyle that have directly arisen from his actions or words.

5: What redbrick talks/tutorials would you like to see/run in your term as helpdesk?

6: What does Redbrick’s Helpdesk do?

7: A certain root holder has left a root terminal logged in on one of the lab computers. What do you do?