Helpdeskg Exam AGM 2015

sudo apt-get install helpdesk-exam-2015

Email section- Answer questions in the form of an email response

Exam out of 75 get 30 to pass

  1. How do you login to Redbrick? (2 marks)

  2. Hi i was hoping to sign up for redbrick i know i missed clubs and socs but was hoping i still

could. (2 marks)

  1. What are these shells i hear of and which do we use on Redbrick(2 marks)

  2. I ran vim by typing ‘vim stalkees.txt’ but it isn’t letting me type their names and other

personal information. How do I get it to let me type and how do I save my work when I’m

done? (4 marks)

  1. Someone keeps sending heys to me, how do I turn it off? (1 mark)

  2. Despite loading my amazing html and css in to redbrick folder i cant access my site. can

you help?(2 marks)

  1. people keep talking about amazing games of cards against humanity and werewolf what

command do i run to play? (3 marks)

  1. I’ve heard you can get people’s student numbers and stuff using redbrick. How do I do that

without anyone knowing I’m stalking them? (3 marks)

  1. How do I screen? (5 marks)

  2. I really want to spam zergless and koffee. What are some of the best ways I can do that? (3


  1. Someone told me to type /exec ­o yes. What does that do and why is this an example of

why I should never listen to people on irc? (2 marks)

  1. This irssi thing is shit. What’s a better irc client? (2 mark)

  2. ive started using vim because im 1337 but i need line numbering to find errors in my code.

can i turn it on?(2 marks)

  1. The config file for Screen makes absolutely no sense. What’s a good alternative? (1 mark)

  2. I hate having to reattach to screen or tmux every time I log in. It’s so many unnecessary

keystrokes! What do I do to make it automatically re­attach? (4 marks)

  1. Redbrick is lying and said I don’t know my password and I really wanna play CAH with all my friends.

plz gizz password.

k tnx

baaaiiieeee (2 marks)

  1. Well hello helpdesk,

Fancy seeing you here wink wink

While I have you, I need you as most helpful halpdak to help me how to use

Love, newb (2 marks)

  1. Hi all

I am a final year business student.

I am currently working on My FYP and have run into difficulty in a particular section.

The project is to develop a conceptual framework for the development of an e­Supply Chain

Management (e­SCM) System for small­to­medium enterprises (SMEs).The goal is not to

develop the product, rather to envision:

What the product should look like.

What features and functionalities it should have.

What tools could be used to develop the modules of the software system.

What are the commercialisation pathways for such a tool.

development plan. I have no background in software development or programming so i am

struggling to understand the requirements. I was wondering if it might be possible to meet

with a member of your team to talk about the information and requirements for such a task.

thank you for your time. (3 Marks)

  1. When I try to compile a java program on redbrick I just get this

Error occurred during initialization of VM

Could not reserve enough space for object heap

Could not create the Java virtual machine.

what am I doing wrong? (5 marks)

  1. So I have a problem all the email send to my redbrick address goes to my DCU Email. How

do I disable this? What are my options for viewing email on redbrick? (4 marks)

  1. I need a database for my final year project, it’s due in two weeks and I need it now. How do

I get one? (1 mark)

  1. I heard there are boards that old people hang around and talk in. How do I look at them? (2


  1. Hello im setting up a new society in dcu and ive been told that you will give me a website

and mailing list so i can stay in contact with my members. where do i set this up and how do

i use it?(5 marks)

  1. Hi im a third 3 year in case and am doing a booking system for the su. Would it be possible

to get some help in the form of a mysql database to test my system on?(2 marks)

  1. “I understand chmod 751 blahfile but what do these number represent?(3 marks)

  2. Where is all the knowledge of redbrick stored?(2 marks)

  3. Can i get a new nick on irc? (2 marks)

  4. How do i make my irc all colourful? (2 marks)

  5. I want to get a wordpress site on redbrick how do i do this? (2 marks)

I am having issues with a particular section where I must devise a software

Super lol bonus round (7000 marks*)

  1. What is your name?

  2. What is your quest?

  3. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

  4. Correct the following ­ Romanes eunt domus.

  5. kylar has once again resigned for the seven millionth time, wat do?

  6. What is spaces job?

  7. Have you ever got a redbrick announce(on time)?

  8. 1
    cout << ‘Are you willing to bribe me for a pass?’ ;
    cin >> ans;
    if(ans == yes){cout << ‘what are you willing to give?’;}

*number of marks to be awarded for bonus round may be greatly exaggerated.