Helpdeskg Exam AGM 2016

su; pacman -SU Helpdesk_Exam_AGM_2016;

Email section- Answer questions in the form of an email response

75 marks total; 30 marks to pass.

  1. How do you login to Redbrick? (2 marks)[a]
  2. Hi i was hoping to sign up for redbrick i know i missed clubs and socs but was hoping i still could. (2 marks) [b]
  3. What are these shells i hear of and which do we use on Redbrick(2 marks)[c]
  4. I ran vim by typing vim stalkees.txt but it isn’t letting me type their names and other personal information. How do I get it to let me type and how do I save my work when I’m done? (4 marks)[d]
  5. Someone keeps sending heys to me, how do I turn it off? (1 mark)[e]
  6. Despite loading my amazing html and css in to redbrick folder i cant access my site. can you help?(2 marks)[f]
  7. people keep talking about amazing games of cards against humanity and werewolf what command do i run to play? (3 marks)[g]
  8. I’ve heard you can get people’s student numbers and stuff using redbrick. How do I do that without anyone knowing I’m stalking them? (3 marks)[h]
  9. So I have a problem all the email send to my redbrick address goes to my DCU Email. How do I disable this? What are my options for viewing email on redbrick? (4 marks)[l]
  10. How do I screen? (5 marks)[m]
  11. I really want to spam zergless and koffee. What are some of the best ways I can do that? (3 marks)[n]
  12. Someone told me to type /exec -o yes. What does that do and why is this an example of why I should never listen to people on irc? (2 marks)[o]
  13. This irssi thing is shit. What’s a better irc client? (2 mark)[p]
  14. ive started using vim because im 1337 but i need line numbering to find errors in my code. can i turn it on?(2 marks) [q]
  15. The config file for Screen makes absolutely no sense. What’s a good alternative? (1 mark)[r]
  16. I hate having to reattach to screen or tmux every time I log in. It’s so many unnecessary keystrokes! What do I do to make it automatically re-attach? (4 marks)[s]
  17. Well hello helpdesk, Fancy seeing you here wink wink While I have you, I need you as most helpful halpdak to help me how to use Love, newb (2 marks)[t]
  18. When I try to compile a java program on redbrick I just get this: Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for object heap Could not create the Java virtual machine. …what am I doing wrong? (5 marks)[u]
  19. Redbrick is lying and said I don’t know my password and I really wanna play UNO with all my friends. plz gizz password. k tnx baaaiiieeee (2 marks)[v]
  20. I need a database for my final year project, it’s due in two weeks and I need it now. How do I get one? (1 mark)[w]
  21. I heard there are boards that old people hang around and talk in. How do I look at them? (2 marks)[x]
  22. Hello im setting up a new society in dcu and ive been told that you will give me a website and mailing list so i can stay in contact with my members. where do i set this up and how do i use it?(5 marks) [y]
  23. Hi im a third 3 year in case and am doing a booking system for the su. Would it be possible to get some help in the form of a mysql database to test my system on?(2 marks)[z]
  24. “I understand chmod 751 blahfile but what do these number represent? (3 marks)[aa]
  25. Where is all the knowledge of redbrick stored? (2 marks)[ab]
  26. Can i get a new nick on irc? (2 marks) [ac]
  27. How do i make my irc all colourful? (2 marks)[ad]
  28. Hey I hope your keeping well. I am running a charity fight night in Hangar in town on the 9th of March and would love to get a live stream on the night and I was told your society would be the best to go to about this. Anyway I would really like if I could meet up with somebody to have a chat about this, id really appreciate it :)[aj] (1mark)
  29. I want to get a wordpress site on redbrick how do i do this? (2 marks) [ak]
  30. Hi,

As part of an assignment my team and I are required to come up with a new product/service. We have decided on an app to assist people with dietary requirements.

I was wondering is there anyone in your society that could provide us with advice on the technical feasibility of this app?[al] (2 marks)

Super lol bonus round 2: Electric Boogaloo (7000 marks)

  1. go but?
  2. What is spaces job?
  3. Who is Dade Murphy and why should you care?
  4. 1
    food = (pineapple + pizza == bad )
    food == true or false?


cout << `Are you willing to bribe me for a pass?` ;
cin >> ans;
if(ans == yes){cout << `what are you willing to give?`;}

*number of marks to be awarded for bonus round may be greatly exaggerated.

[a]ssh or putty [b]Ask for details, forward to admins [c]Quick definition, link to more info, we use zsh [d]Insert/Append/Replace/whatever :wq or ZZ to save & exit [e]mesg n [f]Make sure in ~/public_html, check permissions [g]/j #cardsagainsthumanity /j #wolf [h]#bots & !stalk/rbstalk, ldap search asked people not to know [l]~/.forwards -Mutt -Mail [m]Define what it’s for, how to start & navigate, and how to auto attach [n]figlet or cowsay in heys or pm [o]Pipes output of yes to current buffer, people on IRC are bad people [p]Weechat. 1 mark for saying emacs? [q]:set number [r]Tmux [s]echo screen -dr/tmux attach -d >> .zlogin [t]/exec -o toilet -f mono12 spam [u]Usage caps, off to pyg with you [v]Admins [w]Admins [x]its dead [y]Admins for initial setup, quick explanation & wiki links for webspace & lists, email us if you need help [z]yep forward to admin [aa]Unix permission numbers quick definition, user/group/global [ab]wiki.rb [ac]/nick, /m nickserv register $nick [ad] or weechat [aj]yes we can get them in contact with heanet [ak]Wiki/edu link, email if you have trouble [al]we dont do college asignments