Helpdesk Exam

Redbrick EGM October 2016

Please attempt all 20 questions. Marks awarded indicated alongside each question, out of a total of 60. Some questions are phrased as emails/messages from users seeking help. try to respond in kind in the case of these questions.

  1. I’m a first year, and don’t know a lot about computers. How do I log into Redbrick? (3 marks)

  2. All this talk of Linux has me interested. I hear there’s some way of trying it out without actually installing it directly to my laptop. What is this witchcraft? (3 marks)

  3. When I visit my website I am getting the following error 403 - Permission Denied. What is the problem and how do I fix it? (3 marks)

  4. Somebody has told me to paste the following into my irc client: /exec -o yes Is this a good idea? Should I EVER listen when somebody tells me to do things like this? (3 marks)

  5. I got an account at the start of the year but never used it. Now i dont remeber the password and login, how do I get them? (3 marks)

  6. I heard there was a way to skip typing your password in to redbrick. How can I set this up and how does it work? (3 marks)

  7. What are the names of 2 of the Redbrick Servers and what are they used for? (3 marks)

  8. There is a section of my redbrick webspace that I want to put a password on. How do I go about doing this? (3 marks)

  9. All of my redbrick email goes to my dcu account, can I stop this? If I do, what are my options for using email on Redbrick? (3 marks)

  10. I’ve just installed a sweet linux distro on my laptop, and I’m having some trouble connecting to Eduroam. Help? (3 marks)

  11. I know how to set file permissions, but how do I see what permissions files in a folder have? (3 marks)

  12. Hi I am in first year of computer applications and I am trying to compile my assignment on redbrick. When ever I try to compile my program though all I get is the following error.

    Error occurred during initialization of VM
    Could not reserve enough space for object heap
    Could not create the Java virtual machine.

    What is wrong? (3 marks)

  13. Somebody told me to use Vim instead of Nano. I opened it and managed to get some text written, but I can’t work out how to close it or save my work! Am I stuck in this scary editor forever now? (3 marks)

  14. I’m the new treasurer of the clay target club. I would like to set up a website and mailing list for the club. (3 Marks)

  15. Hi How do I make a tarball/gzip backup of my whole redbrick account? (3 marks)

  16. Hi all I am a final year business student. I am currently working on My FYP and have run into difficulty in a particular section. The project is to develop a conceptual framework for the development of an e-Supply Chain Management (e-SCM) System for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs). The goal is not to develop the product, rather to envision:

    • What the product should look like.
    • What features and functionalities it should have.
    • What tools could be used to develop the modules of the software system.
    • What are the commercialisation pathways for such a tool

    I am having issues with a particular section where I must devise a software development plan. I have no background in software development or programming so i am struggling to understand the requirements. I was wondering if it might be possible to meet with a member of your team to talk about the information and requirements for such a task. thank you for your time. (3 marks)

  17. Urgent problem. I was trying out the different shells that are on redbrick and I changed mine to /usr/local/shells/disusered. Now when I log in I can’t do anything. Help. (3 marks)

  18. You have been elected helpdesk. You and your helpdesk friends want to run a talk. Explain how you would go about doing this. Be as detailed as possible. (3 marks)

  19. I just ran ls -al ~. Why is my public_html directory lrwxrwxrwx. Does that mean that my public_html dir is writable to everyone? (3 marks)

  20. I’m currently using Irssi as my IRC client, and it’s kind of okay and stuff. I hear I can use another magical, spectacular client on Redbrick, what’s that all about and how can I switch to it? (3 marks)

Lulzy Bonus Round 2: Electric Boogaloo

This section carries no marks. It will however affect our mood as we mark your paper.

  1. “As a matter of principle, I don’t own a real tie” ~ Richard Stallman. Discuss the impact Richard Stallman has had on your life, giving at least 3 examples of positive changes to your lifestyle that have directly arisen from his actions or words.

  2. What redbrick talks/tutorials would you like to see/run in your term as helpdesk?

  3. A certain root holder has left a root terminal logged in on one of the lab computers. What do you do?