Redbrick offers a great range of services to our members, and we are always looking for more to offer. if you have any ideas, feel free to mail us with your suggestions.

Since 1996, we have been providing people with an excellent, powerful and flexible UNIX environment. We have used Solaris, Linux and FreeBSD, some more than others.

First off, we give you 2GB of disk space by default - having somewhere online to store files and mail is essential these days, especially if you log on from a wide range of locations. We also provide you with your own Email account, and a great range of clients to read/write it with! Procmail and other mail filtering software is installed, so if you feel like it, you can heavily customise mail folders and really make the most of your mail account.

If you're feeling conversational and want to spread the love, you can use hey, an instant message program that lets you send messages to other users. You can also use the UNIX talk service for some one-on-one action. Our very own IRC server is great for meeting new people online, having group discussions, or just blabbing to the general Redbrick populace about your latest grievance.

Many people love to code, you can log on to Pygmalion, our development server, which has every compiler under the sun installed, and if you find we don't have the one that you need, let us know and we will try help you out. You should always back up your code. What better way to do this then with a distributed source code management system. We have HG installed on Redbrick so have a look here at how to get started.

You can read more about the various development services we offer in their respective sections:

Virtual Machines

Redbrick offers VMs to any member. If you're interested just email a member of the admin team to get one.

For more information check out the wiki.


We currently offer 3 different types of web hosting:

  •[username]/ - standard user hosting, this is the type of hosting you get by default, all you have to do is have a "public_html" directory in your home directory and you're sorted, you have a website!
  • http://[username] - user vhosting, if you like, you can also have your site accessible, at [something], usually your username. All you have to do is Email the webmaster and ask.
  • - full vhosting, members can also have full virtual hosts on redbrick, where the hostname is that of a domain you own, all you have to do is Email the Webmaster and get your DNS provider to point the domain at our IP address. We also ask that users who have virtual hosts link their site to our homepage.


Redbrick is a great place to learn or use a vast range of programming languages, we have compilers, interpreters and libraries for:

  • Java
  • C++/C
  • Assembly
  • Perl
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Shell
  • Haskell
  • Objective C
  • NodeJs
  • go

We also have various frameworks

  • Cherrypy
  • Django


We currently offer 2 different database accounts:

  • MySQL- cutting edge, multi-tasking easy-to-use popular database engine.
  • PostgreSQL - enterprise-level production quality and highly stable with extended and advanced SQL support.
  • SQLite - its lite?

Email Admins for a database account.