Week 3: The brickies are back in town!

Summer is reaching its close- it’s time to break up with the sun, and rebound with Redbrick, DCU’s favourite networking society! I’d like to give our new members a warm welcome, and our returning members a grudging acknowledgement.

While watching DCU be torn apart one building at a time is entertaining, we have some even more exciting things going on in Redbrick in the coming days:

  • Intro to Redbrick - Wednesday 05/10 - 3pm - LG25
  • EGM - Wednesday 12/10 - 3pm

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Week 22 - New Committee | Birthday

Hi all:

We’ve had a busy week with a talk, quiz and the AGM. Last week was the AGM or the shuffling of Committee, when we say good bye to some old faces and hello to some new ones. As those of you who attended the AGM know, I was appointed as Redbrick’s new and shiny secretary, I look forward to a year writing badly worded but informing announces for my adoring public. Now down to business…

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Week 21: Being an Embedded Software Engineer | AGM | Table Quiz!

Hi all,

O how I have missed thee; the glint of your sharp reading eyes, the disappointed sigh as you see my jokes, the swear words you mutter as you delete my eagerly-written message. You may have noticed that there was no announce last week; as you know, Redbrick aren’t very good with any of that computer business, and our mailing list interface was down. But alas, my love, it works now, and just in time for one of the most exciting weeks of the year! Here’s what’s on this week:

  • Being: An Embedded Software Engineer - Wednesday 30/03 - C166 - 3pm
  • Redbrick AGM - Thursday 31/03 - QG21 - 5.30pm
  • Annual Table Quiz - Thursday 31/03 - Nubar - 7pm

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Downtime for Maintenance and Upgrades - Saturday 19/03/16

Evenin’ All,

Just a quick word to let you know that we’ll be doing some upgrade works (physical and application) on servers this weekend. We’ll, probably, be starting at 11a.m. on Saturday give or take a few minutes.

All servers will be affected by these updates and we’ll be stopping services and doing cascading updates.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Richard Walsh (koffee) Redbrick Admin

Week 19: Bash Scripting

Hey all,

The leprechauns are frolicking in the meadows, and the warm Spring sun is bothering people in other countries. That means that this week is the perfect week for more Redbrick networking wizardry! Helpdesk is going to be dishing out the deets on console scripting in Linux, so make sure you appear if you want to learn how to make your hard drive eject automatically every sixteen minutes while your speakers beep in Morse code.

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