Week 5: FOSDEM | EGM Results | Facebook | PyCon | UKIEPC

Hello all,

I’m cac, the hip new Sec on the block, and it’s my pleasure to give you a rundown of all the events this week. There’s lots of stuff happening, so you have no excuse to be bored:

  • Tech Talk on Production Engineering at Facebook: Wednesday 21/10/15 -14:00 - CG86
  • PyCon: Saturday 24/10 and Sunday 25/10 - Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin
  • UKIEPC: Saturday 24/10 - Sign-in at 9am - DCU School of Computing

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Welcome to Redbrick - Intro to Redbrick | Bug Bounties | Games Consoles and much more

Hey Everyone

A huge welcome to all of our new members this year! We hope Redbrick becomes a big part of what will be a great experience here in DCU.

For all of the freshers that have joined us, we hope your first week of University has been fun, and that you’ve gone to at least a few of your lectures.

And now, down to business, the Agenda for the upcoming weeks is as follows:

  • Intro to Redbrick
  • Sign Up for Google OpenHouse
  • Pycon 2015
  • “Bug Bounties: Cén scéal?”
  • EGM

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Week 1 - Clubs and Socs Days | Intro to RB | Bug Bounties | Google OpenHouse | EGM | Pycon 2015

Hey Everyone

Welcome back to all of our members returning to college. To all our graduands who have just finished 4th year, congratulations! Congratulations on entering the rank of esteemed associate members.

To all our dedicated associates, welcome back to our 20th year! The wisdom that was to come with age still hasn’t materialized.

We’ve got lots planned for the year; and we hope you’ll join us.

Order of business for the first announce back:

  • Clubs & Socs Days
  • Intro to Redbrick
  • “Bug Bounties: Cad é an scéal?”
  • Sign Up for Google OpenHouse
  • EGM
  • Pycon 2015

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Redbrick turns 20!

Hi Guys

First of all, I’d like to welcome everyone back after what I hope was a great summer!

So as many of you may or may not know Redbrick will be turning 20 this year! Myself and the committee would like to make a it a pretty big party for such a great milestone but that can’t be achieved without the help of all our members.

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Week 5 | Screen at Redbrick | Associate talks | Admin talk | EGM and Admin Training | FOSDEM | Social Night

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the week 5 Announce! We have lots of awesome things happening this week and we hope to see you at as many events as possible! Just to note: Unfortunately we don’t know the rooms for the events just yet but we will be sending an email with the locations out tomorrow morning! Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

In this weeks announce:

  • Screen at Redbrick: Hackers
  • Associate Talks
  • Admin Talk: An overview
  • EGM and admin training
  • Fosdem
  • Social Night

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Week 4 | screen at rb: 5th Estate | Associate Talks | Helpdesk Talk | Intercom at Redbrick

Good afternoon Everyone,

First of all, we’d like to apologise for the late announce! It shouldn’t happen again! The evenings are getting shorter as we head into week 4. This week we’re filling this shortening evenings with some great events. It’s all about quality, not quantity.

Without further ado the agenda for the week is as follows:

  • Screen at Redbrick
  • Associate Talks
  • Helpdesk Talks
  • Intercom at Redbrick

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Webmaster Exam

Hey all,

As there’s been a lot of interest from you talented folks in the position of webmaster, I’ve decided to resign and will be running for one of the open admin positions at the EGM on the 22nd. The more talented and enthusiastic folks we have on committee the better!

As such, I’ll be holding the webmaster exam sometime next week! Please email me by 5pm on Monday to register your interest in taking the exam.

The exam will probably be Tuesday/Thursday next week.

Your friendly neighbourhood webmaster,