Week 3 Google Week

It’s week 3 and Redbrick our kicking off our events for the year with a bang!

It’s Google Week! A week filled with talks from Googlers, DCU graduates and associate Redbrick members on things like Site Reliability Engineering, and Systems at Scale.

Firstly we’d like to thank everyone who came along to the Tech University Open House in Google HQ last Friday, we hope you ad a great day!

Now on to the good stuff, what’s coming up this week you say?

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Week 1 - Welcome Back | Events | Clubs & Socs | Updates

Good Morning from

Welcome back to our members who are heading into their first day of term! To those of you who have just completed 4th year and will (hopefully) be joining us this year as associate members, we hope you have a less than rubbish Monday. To our dedicated associates we welcome you back to join us for what will hopefully be a great year.

Now that pleasantries are out of the way; down to business.

Pygmalion - Update Tuesday 16th September

Hi everyone,

We’ll be doing an update on Pygmalion on Tuesday 16th September 7pm.

Please be aware that the server will be available from 6:45 p.m. We estimate this update will only take 30 mins.

We hope to have restored Pygmalion’s service completely by 7:30 p.m.


Richard Walsh (koffee) Redbrick Admin

Redbrick Linux Installfest

This year we were able to host our annual Installfest, thanks to the support of Ubuntu Ireland. We offered three options for attendees, Ubuntu 12.04, OpenSuse 13.1, and Mint 15. With most of attendees choosing to install Ubuntu as a dual boot, it was simple business from there, except for some pesky Windows 8 machines.

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