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Scientifically the greatest club ever created

DCU Rock Climbing Club

We are the best club in DCU this is a scientifically proven fact

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Angela Prior "Dont let the picture fool you, the Chairpersons crayzay Who needs a chair when you are a chair?" -Joe Rathborne

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Hannah Grace Parker "Just say I am the secretary and I like horses" -Hannah

Sleek & Beautiful


Eoin Glennanne Have you heard of the Muffin Man? The Muffin Man? The Muffin Man?

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Remember when we did the thing? No? Better read about it so

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IBL and ILCL dates 2017/2018

Hey, You can find all of the details for Mountainering Ireland competitions this year in the links below. All those interested please contact the clubs events officer (Rumen Panov): http://www.mountaineering.ie/…/IrishBouldering…/default.aspx http://www.mountaineering.ie/…/LeadClimbingLea…/default.aspx Happy Climbs!

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About Us

Club History The DCU Rock Climbing Club was founded in October 1992 by Applied Physics and Electronic Engineering postgrads. From small beginnings, it didn’t take long for the club to take off and the Climbing wall was opened for use early in 1993. The Club took immediate advantage of its new training facility, and in […]

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What is Bouldering

Boulder: A place close to the ground to practice falling. When climbers aren’t climbing, they like to sharpen their skills by bouldering on large rock located near impressionable tourists. Bouldering is done with bouldering mats and no roped protection, therefore the general rule is to not climb higher than you are willing to fall. This […]