Round 1

Question Answer
Q1. Where is the Sea of Tranquillity? A1. On the Moon
Q2. What is the exact translation of 'pot-pourri'? A2. Putrid Pot
Q3. Which North American state did the Americans purchase from Napoleon in 1803? A3. Louisiana
Q4. Freddie Bulgara was better known as which lead singer? A4. Freddie Mercury
Q5. Which city stands on the banks of the Bosphorus? A5. Istanbul
Q6. What famous Australian landmark was opened in 1932? A6. Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Q7. What organisation uses the motto Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity? A7. F.B.I.
Q8. He has won 5 Oscars for Best Music, Original Score, 3 of them for these movies: "Schindler's List", "E.T.", and "Jaws", among others, who is he? A8. John Williams

Round 2

Question Answer
Q1. In what city was Martin Luther King shot in 1968? A1. Memphis
Q2. Is the tropic of Capricorn north or south of the equator? A2. South
Q3. What is the national language of Iran? A3. Farsi
Q4. Who wrote "La Boheme", the famous opera? A4. Puccini
Q5. What is the flavour of Pernod? A5. Aniseed.
Q6. John Ronald Reuel are the Christian names of which author? A6. J.R.R. Tolkien
Q7. What unique double did Ted and Ruby Walsh win last year? A7. The English and Irish Grand Nationals.
Q8. Colin Powell was a US General during the Gulf War, but what is his current occupation? A8. US Secretary of State

Round 3

Question Answer
Q1. Siam is the former name for which country? A1. Thailand
Q2. Who composed the soundtracks for A Fist Full of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More, The Good The Bad And The Ugly? A2. Ennio Morricone
Q3. The zloty is the currency of what country? A3. Poland
Q4. Penrith Lake was an Olympic venue for which event last year? A4. Rowing
Q5. Gene Rodenberry created Star Trek, but where would one find his remains? A5. Space
Q6. Robert Zimmerman is better known as whom in the music world? A6. Bob Dylan
Q7. What is the other name for tetanus? A7. Lockjaw
Q8. Who is the only actor to appear in The Magnificent Seven and The Dirty Dozen? A8. Charles Bronson

Round 4

Question Answer
Q1. Mandela was released from prison, Iraq invaded Kuwait and Germany was reunified. Which year was it? A1. 1990
Q2. Who was the first actor to play Hannibal Lecter on screen? A2. Brian Cox
Q3. Which horse won the 2001 Grand National at Aintree? A3. Red Marauder
Q4. Who was the first person to reach the South Pole? A4. Roald Amundsen
Q5. What US president was elected to office 4 times? A5. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Q6. What Olympic sport prohibits the wearing of a beard? A6. Boxing
Q7. How many teeth in a full adult set? A7. 32
Q8. What is the Edge's real name? A8. David Evans

Round 5

Question Answer
A1. Ralf Schumacher
A2. Sir Tony O'Reilly
A3. Dido
A4. Glenn Close
A5. Ruud van Nistelrooy
A6. Professor Ferdinand von Prondzynski
A7. Famke Janssen
A8. Stephen Spielberg

Round 6 (Simpson's Round)

Question Answer
Q1. Name Ned Flanders two children? A1. Tod and Rod
Q2. On what street do the Simpson's live? A2. Evergreen Terrace
Q3. What is the name of Mr. Burns teddy bear? A3. Bobo
Q4. What was the name of Homers helper monkey? A4. Mojo
Q5. What is Principal Seymour Skinner's real name? A5. Armin Tamzarian
Q6. Which former U.S. President moved in across the street from the Simpson's? A6. George Bush.
Q7. What actress does the voice of Maggie Simpson? A7. Elizabeth Taylor
Q8. Robert Underdunk Twilliger is better known as whom? A8. Side Show Bob.

Round 7 (Music Round)

Question Answer
Q1. Name the singer of "Absolutely Everybody"? A1. Vanessa Amorosi
Q2. Name the Movie that the song "Can't Fight The Moonlight" came from? A2. Coyote Ugly
Q3. Name the instrument from the theme from the Mission? A3. Oboe ("Gabriel's Oboe")
Q4. Geoffrey Rush won an Oscar for his portrayal of which Australian Pianist? A4. David Helfgott
Q5. "Waterloo" by ABBA - Name the Group Members (1st Names Only)? A5. Agneta, Bjorn, Benna, Anna-Freda (accept Freda)
Q6. Karma Police - Name the Album and the band? A6. O.K. Computer - Radiohead
Q7. "Whenever God Shines his Light" a duet with Van Morrison and who? A7. Cliff Richard
Q8. Also Sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss, is from which 1960's Movie? A8. 2001 - A Space Odyssey.

Round 8

Question Answer
Q1. Whose secretary was Miss Moneypenny? A1. M (not James Bond)
Q2. Who are the children in the tv series The Royle Family? A2. Denise & Anthony
Q3. What was the first wholly computer generated film? A3. Toy Story
Q4. What's Tiger Woods's real first name? A4. Eldrick
Q5. What were the names of the 3 Bronte sisters? A5. Charlotte, Emily & Anne
Q6. Where is Disneyland? A6. California
Q7. What's the only sequel ever to win a best picture Oscar? A7. Godfather II
Q8. What do the letters DVD stand for? A8. Digital Versatile Disk


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