Some of my notes on CASE4 stuff

(23:07:28) desty nova: beidh tosnú maith agat agus tú an bodhrán a imirt - beidh na cailíní ar do leanúint!
(23:08:06)Caoimhín: sea, beidh siad ag iarraidh imrt le mo chipín ;)

My (like most blogs, crappy) blog
d6emu, a D6 simulator

nice... I call some bookshop, and...

him: "Portobello Bookshop?"
me: "Hi... can you search for a book for me?"
him: "No."
me: "Sorry?"
him: "....No."
me: "Okay... were you just being sarcastic, or you really can't search for a book for me?"
him: "Well why don't you just tell me the name of the book and I'll know if we have it?"
me: "Ah, so it's one of those photographic memory things eh?"
him: "No, but why do you want me to get up and look on the shelves?"
me: "Well I like making people do the runaround."
him: "I'll tell you what - I'll give you a number and why don't you give it a ring."
me: "Uh."
him: "It's... 11811 (directory inquiries). Bye!" *click*

  Yush: that actually happened?
  oisín: yep, just 10 minutes ago
  oisín: dickhead, eh?
  Yush: baseball bat...go :)
  oisín: yeah :P
  oisín: *whapwhapwhap* don't like searching for books eh? then you won't mind if I ... BASH THE FUCK OUT OF THEM!!!!
  Yush: hehe....if u go on the news...make sure u tell me
  Yush: "Bookshop gets bashed. Owner heavily injured."
  oisín: "Anonymous caller sought by police. No leads."
  Yush: "Book basher finally caught. Anonymous Internet user provides critical tip"
  Yush: :P
  oisín: bastard!
  oisín: "Anonymous internet user blamed for misinformation leading to the wrongful arrest of a politician."
  oisín: "Internet is shut down as a result. Millions complain!"
  Yush: "Anonymous internet user escapes from prison. Two guards killed."
  oisín: "Angry guards protest. Fourteen babies killed."
  Yush: rofl...where did that come from?
  oisín: i.... don't know :P

Nuair a bhíonn an cat amach, bíonn na luch ag rince!

Just some .mids stuck up here so I can download them to my phone through WAP. I can't believe it actually works... HA, motorola! scabby bastards!

Kill you ALL

handy colour link for anyone doing the html tutorial

Some mp3s stashed away....

For those who may find it handy, a little string to inverse logic bitwise LED code yokes for the D6.
And for some reason, advance, calculates xp cost to advance primaries in the guild on Discworld MUD, using Acim's regressed formula.

....aaand the obviously useful Console class used for basically all java programs I've written that do any I/O... thanks to java's bollox lack of inherent, useful console routines.