Guess the web logger !

Aren't web loggers (bloggers) a hilarious bunch? I don't know about you, but I could spend all day reading everything they say. There's an apt article in The Onion right now which is relevant; Chronic blogger expresses frustration with self through rambling unpunctuated article consistent of irrelevant links

Monday March 18th 2002 9:53:23am gmt earth siderial period: 2

I baffled lonely as a cloud
Remind me to not eat toast ever. Yuch. I don't like toast. Don't you not like toast too? Whoever you are? I had toast this morning. You should not have toast. I don't like toast. Toast made me sick. I will have toast tomorrow. There is nothing other than toast in the house. I'm off to get some non-toast now. Poo. Toast.

Monday March 18th 2002 9:57:48am gmt earth siderial period: 2

whas wif ma homie
i am really lazy today really lazy doesnt stuff suck so much how i hate stuff i just wish stuff could go away and then i could write this column forever. god im so lazy i think its depressing how lazy stuff is :(( watchin tv. booorin. stupid apathy towards working. w00t.

Monday March 18th 2002 9:57:48am earth siderial period: 2

Ymay osteriorpay excretesway
My sleeping pattern deviates ever more towards the erratic which will hopefully be aleviated through the application of carte noire, the frames and an essay which I am taking the opportunity of writing thanks to it all. Naturally I will post it up under my essays section upon completion.

Want me to give you a curiously sociological insight into my psyche while I instead excruciate painstakingly about how I need to cut my nails & buy new toothpaste? No, you probably couldn't give a monkey's toddlers, even if I were to mildly think about what the hell I'm writing enough to want to at least present it palleteably. Well, if you'll excuse me, now it's back to therapy. Lalala. (Bloggers are funny).