Supercomputing in Ireland - catalogue & history

A web resource collating links & history of supercomputers, supercomputing, high performance computing, scientific computing, Beowulfery, in Ireland. Presently under initial construction (April-Sep 2005)! If you are reading this: please send on any information to (kpodesta at redbrick dot dcu dot ie) - thank you!


NUI Galway: SGI Origin 3800/40, SGI Altix 3700 (20 cpu), 64-way Xeon cluster, 6TB farm
NUI Maynooth: 84 cpu cluster
Boole Centre, UCC Cork: Dell cluster (100 cpu)
NMRC, UCC Cork: 2 x 96 cpu clusters
TCD Dublin: 80 cpu P3 cluster, 130 cpu Xeon cluster, 4TB farm
UCD Dublin: 256 cpu cluster (end of 2004)
DCU Dublin: 30 cpu Dell (Dual cpu PowerEdge 1750s) in CA


DCU: Turlough Downes (Astrophysics), Heather Ruskin & Martin Crane (Modelling/Simulation), Mary O'Connell (Bioinformatics)


(Grid-Ireland): CosmoGrid - computational physics, astrophysics, atmospheric physics, gravitational waves, adaptive optics, geophysics
(Grid-Ireland): MarineGrid - data, Irish National Sea-Bed Survey (6TB of data)
(Grid-Ireland): Webcom-G - different models for computational grid execution


Irish Association for High Performance Computing (IAHPC)
Irish Centre for High End Computing
Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing, Ireland
Centre for Supercomputing in Ireland(Legacy?)


Brian Coghlan, John Walsh, and David O'Callaghan (2005) "The Grid-Ireland Deployment Architecture", European Grid Conference 2005 (EGC 2005).
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