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[TXT] FAQ 1.22 11 years james logging() is now $logging.
[TXT] FILES 1.1 16 years james Initial import.
[TXT] INSTALL 1.22 11 years james logging() is now $logging.
[TXT] INTERNALS 1.16 15 years james Typos.
[TXT] Makefile 1.8 16 years james Ask scp to preserve file modes. Automatically copy new releases to ocelot. Add a...
[TXT] README 1.15 14 years james Minor text clarifications.
[TXT] TODO 1.20 14 years james From Gerald Villemure - RH9 xinetd sends STDERR onto the wire. Gah!
[TXT] odmrd 1.63 11 years james New TLDs have all sorts of names -- make regex's test for valid domain name wi...
[TXT] sample-odmrd.rules 1.3 16 years james Name change.

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