Here is a lovely picture of the New BMW M3's a beauty.

Heres a picture of the back of the BMW M3. If you're obsessive then click here

Heres a picture of the BMW Z9...not sure how near it is to being
released yet or even if it's more than a concept car. But it looks
really cool.

And now the nicest of them all...the BMW M5.
These pictures dont do it the justice that it deserves but
they're not too shabby either.
Picture One

Picture Two

Picture Three

And this is just the best of them all....if you like the BMW M5
then you really wanna download this zip file now.
Some of the nicest pictures around!
Go on do it it now.
You know you want to!

Or you could just go to yourself. :)
You'll have a choice of loads of sites...most countries have their own.


Ferrari have changed their web site around and so some of the links
that I had here before are gone but i'll try to get some pics up here soon.
These are the only two pictures of a Ferrari 550 Maranello that I have left.
Such a sweet car.

				 3/4 view 

				 Side view 
Or you could just go to yourself. :)


Here is a link to the Mercedes Benz site. You should follow the links to have
a look at the CL coupe. model range -> coupes -> CL class, you won't regret it. I promise.

Aston Martin

The last beautiful (according to me anyways) car in the world...the Aston Martin.
Made famous in all the James Bond films only to be replaced lately by the BMW's which we like also. :)